So today, during lunch with my coworkers, I learned that it was NOT Tuesday.  It is, in fact, Wednesday.  FYI, to any of you out there that may have ALSO mistaken today for being a Tuesday.

Which leads me to today's blog topic:

Stupid Person Number One: Some idiot (not me)

Some idiot (not me) came to the game last weekend with a hot gun, yet no pistol so that he could transition to it when engaging his opponents within the 100 ft. MED.  So what do you think happened?  Yup, he ruined someone's day (SHOCKING). He not only shot me in the inner thigh at close range (~40 feet), he then shot a buddy of mine in the forehead and the ear from about the same distance.  His ear hurt the most, but his forehead sustained the most damage.  Airsoft Guns, Remington,Safety Glasses, Mossy Oak Camo Frame,Airsoft shooting glasses,Airsoft M14, AEG,pyramyd air He was bleeding quite a bit, in fact.  So there are several things that should be been in place in order for this situation to be avoided.  Not in any particular order, but one, the idiot with the hot gun should have possessed the judgment to know that he was within the 100ft MED and not only had a GBB pistol on his person, but then should have used it to shoot my friend from such a close range.  However, my friend is also at fault because he chose to only wear ANSI-rated shooting glasses rather than a full face mask, so he therefore assumed the risk of such an injury.

Stupid Person Number Two: Me

Another lesson learned the hard way that day, this time by me, was not starting to sufficiently hydrate starting the night before, like I usually do before a game. I also did not eat a decent breakfast.  I don't need a huge breakfast, but all I had was a half a bag of Backyard Barbeque Kettle Chips and a sub-par, glazed cinnamon roll doughnut thing.  So, as if to say, "Don't be such an idiot in the future," my body began to give me hell just in time for me to arrive home from the game, where I was supposed to do a bunch of yard work out in the mid-afternoon heat and then follow that up by attending a company softball practice in preparation for tonight's big game against a potential client (we let them win, of course).  So yea, needless to say, I felt like a steaming pile of hot garbage by the time the day was done.  Did I power through it all like a champ?  Of course, but all I had to show for it was a pounding headache and an elevated core body temp that took awhile to come back down to normal.  Too much sun, not nearly enough water in advance (even though I drank almost 2 gallons of water throughout the day), and insufficient calorie intake resulted in me being unable to enjoy what would have otherwise been a pretty phenomenal Sunday.

Airsoft Guns, WE ,Knighthawk GBB Pistol,Airsoft Gas blowback pistol, Airsoft Sidearm,GBB, KAC, Knights Armament,pyramyd air Don't be stupid.  Keep an Airsoft sidearm on you during games, don't shoot anyone with a gun over 400FPS within the MED, and drink a bunch of water BEFORE you go out and spend literally most of the day in the sun/heat.

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