It's been confirmed that WE will be releasing the highly popular and highly sexy Enhanced Battle Rifle (M14 EBR) version of their monumental M14 Gas Blowback Rifle.  The body is CNC Machined from aluminum and features the short-length outer barrel.  One little feature WE added to this, which makes a big difference to me, is that they have included the small rail piece that you need to mount a scope on the rifle.  Usually, you have to buy this part extra and it's never cheap.  Just one of many little things that they've done which add up to a very impressive package. 

One important item to take note of is that they are going to be offering the EBR as a complete gun, but also as a conversion body kit for those of us who already own the classic M14 GBB version.

Personally, I want both.  They are different tools for different situations.  I just like to be prepared.  My brother's an Eagle Scout, so I guess he rubbed off on me a bit.

According to WE, the M14 GBB EBR & Conversion Body Kit will be released & available for purchase in mid-October of 2010 (Which is next month, for those of you lacking current situational awareness).

I'm so excited I could poop.  Airsoft!!!

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