The video in this particular blog illustrates how to find the hop-up on your WE M14 Gas Blowback rifle and then the easiest way to adjust it that I am currently aware of.

One important thing to note is that I recorded this video on the very first day that I got the thing (only a few minutes after I got done filming myself unbox it for the first time.  So it wasn't until AFTER I shot this footage that I figured out that it is unnecessary to remove the retention pin in the front of the gun where what I would call the "gas block" is located.  I made an annotation of this in the video at around 6:47.  Give me a break.  I'm only a bald human with nerdy accountant's glasses who spends his weekends filming himself in his backyard disassembling toy guns for funsies.

Next up are a couple chrono tests with different BB weights as well as a full takedown tutorial where I show you what the hop-up and inner barrel look like. You'll probably want to check those out if you're interested in upgrading your own WE M14 GBBR.

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