It really hasn't been that long since WE dropped the M14 GBB bomb on the Airsoft world, and now they've gone ahead and developed another mighty fine specimen that they are referring to as the WE G39C Gas Blowback Rifle. For some obvious trademark reasons, it would be legally foolish to mention what this rifle replicates by name, but we all know what this is and who will probably be getting some royalties on the back end of this thing.

James Chan, the top dawg at WE is saying that this rifle has more recoil than the M14 GBB, which I can tell you from personal experience, kicks like a mule.  He also makes the claim that the WE G39C utilizes their best hop-up design to date.  So it certainly has my interest peaked a tad, just to see how they improved upon their M14 Open Bolt design.  It's definitely good looking, PLUS, early reports are indicating that the G39C will be retailing for a scant $230 or so (unconfirmed, so don't quote me).  But still, anywhere in that neighborhood is going to be very reasonable for what you're getting. 

My question is this: Would any of you out there buy this gun?  Who of you 7 Pyramyd Airsoft Blog readers likes this design?  I'm not here to judge.  I'm just genuinely curious.  Also, Mom, I know you're reading this and that you account for 2 of those 7 readers, so no need to reply.  Thanks for the support though. 

Seriously though.  Post up some feedback in the comments section.  Would you buy this gun for $230?  Is this gun your favorite style of assault rifle?  If not, what is? 

Airsoft is > or = to The Word. 

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