So I've been working for quite some time on the making the Classic Army CA25 into an incredible Airsoft DMR machine who's performance will make your mother want to bake me a cake.  

I've got no idea whether the situation pictured below is going to work, but I do know that time will tell and when it does, I will gladly pass the message along to you, my anonymous readers. Even if the news is bad, I have no problem saying so. Otherwise, you might think that it actually worked, then go out and try it yourselves, only to find out after your time and money has been spent that it doesn't work and then you will hate me and then I will be sad and upset because I can't stand when people hate me.

So here's a sneak peak inside the inner barrel & hop-up assembly of the CA25 Airsoft DMR that I'm building for you and for me (but really, it's so that I can shoot you from farther than you can shoot me). 

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Listen, I've heard the argument and been called a sissy because I prefer long-range Airsoft rifles instead of grabbing a sub-400 fps assault rifle and getting up-close & personal with the OPFOR. Don't get me wrong, I've got a healthy portion of carbine rifles in my arsenal for just about any occasion, and just last weekend, I even put away the intimidation factor and ran a CA M15A4 Carbine at the Jericho Camp Pendleton MOUT facility for a while (which is actually located on the Marine Corps base itself, by the way).  But to be honest, you pro-assault gunners can look down your noses at me all you want, but while you're back at the respawn point killing time, I'll remain out in the field, sending more young thundercats to keep you company.

Alright, truth be told, I've actually been shot plenty of times by someone with an Airsoft rifle having less range than mine, however, DMRs are  better.  It's science.

Anyway, the point of this blog is to give you a little bit more of a glimpse of what the inside of the CA25 inner barrel & hop-up assembly look like after I've modified the CA25's hop-up bucking. 

If you're wondering how I got the bucking nub to look like that, I'll tell you: with a razor blade and a soldering iron.  Now, in hind sight, the soldering iron may have jeopardized the integrity of the rubber when I melted/molded it, losing some of its softness, but if I don't test new ideas, I won't know which ones stink and which ones are completely ridiculous and embarrassing that I even thought it up in the first place.   

I'll keep you posted on any and all developments on this very special project.



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