Trust me, I've already given Michael Hou a ration of shizzle for forgetting failing to mention the upcoming release of the UMAREX-Licensed, KWA HK45 USP-Based Gas Blowback Pistol while Dave Bakholdin & I were hanging out ALL DAY at KWA last week, taking pictures of their new 2011 Airsoft guns.  He loves to play these kinds of pranks on me.  Anyway, check out the KWA HK45 video that Mr. Allen P. Lizard (Allizard) of KWA just uploaded on his YouTube page...

I'll be honest: I was super stoked for THIS Airsoft gas blowback pistol to be released in August, but now I'm questioning my loyalty to it with the news of the new HK45.

As legit as I believe the KWA ATP will be, it already seems like the old & boring S.O. and the KWA HK45 is like the hot young 20-something brunette (with highlights) who's fresh with vibrant energy and a belief in trying anything once.

I think the HK45 GBB Pistol is going to be an absolutely delectable choice for the serious Mil-Sim player looking for a reliable sidearm to take out to the field with them.  Of course, I could be wrong.  It could be complete garbage.  But with KWA's pretty outstanding reputation in the Airsoft & Professional Training industries, the chances of this Airsoft gas blowback pistol being anything less than stupendous is considerably low.  


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