Testing the WE Hi-Capa 5.1 on CO2 Gas

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So I wanted to investigate the world of CO2-powered Airsoft gas blow back pistols to see if a WE Hi-Capa 5.1 is as "CO2-Compatible" as WE says it is. Knowing very little, but enough to know that CO2 is a more powerful gas than the commonly used Airsoft Green Gas or Propane, I had my suspicions as to whether this was truly true.  Yup.  I said it, you read it: Truly true. 

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So I got a Hi-Capa CO2 magazine, popped in the 12g CO2 cartridge, made famous by Crosman, and went out to my backyard to fire a few rounds (after loading the mag with BBs & inserting into the gun, of course).  Notice the unique butt plate on the magazine?  It actually doubles as a tool to tighten the screw cap that secures the CO2 cartridge inside the magazine. 

I got through two full 28-round CO2 magazines and half way into the third when the gun made a much larger-than-normal popping sound along with a larger emission of gas from the ejection port on the slide. The subsequent trigger pulls yielded enough gas to cycle the slide, but the cycle rate was much slower and no BBs were exiting the muzzle. Just to be sure the mag wasn't out of gas or anything, I popped in a second CO2 mag that was fully loaded with the same results. Not wanting to take the gun apart until I was absolutely sure, I fired a few shots with a standard 28-round Hi-Capa magazine filled with Green Gas and, again, same thing.

So back into my Airsoft Man Cave I went and made ready for exploratory Airsoft surgery. I took the entire slide apart, including the removal of the valve inside the loading nozzle (also called the "loading muzzle") and didn't see anything at first. Then, after closer examination of the nozzle, I noticed something glaring at me. That "something" looked like this...

Click Here to See the CO2 Damage

Chimichanga!  Look at my poor Hi-Capa's loading nozzle.

To my heart's disbelief, the loading nozzle was almost completely blown in half. The structural integrity had not only been compromised, it was downright destroyed.  The fracture's length was easily 50% of the nozzle's total circumference.

Against my natural tendency to want to drag this post out into a 2-hour narrative detailing everything irrelevant under the sun from my choice of breakfast that morning or the amount of antiperspirant I used, I'll end it right here and just say this:

The WE Hi-Capa 5.1, while a solid and reliable gun on green gas/propane, is NOT suitable for use with a CO2 magazine in its "out-of-the-box" condition. The next thing to investigate is whether there are nozzles available with a reinforced structure to withstand the increased air pressure from the use of CO2.

Did you know that CO2 is the chemical formula for Carbon Dioxide? No? Well then feel free to send me a thank you note for the enlightenment.

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