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As I sit here pondering why in the world I let Chris take this photo of me during a moment of extreme vulnerability, I think to myself, "I'm now concerned for my health and safety in public."  People might get upset that I would taint the purity of the CheyTac M200 Intervention Rifle from SOCOM Gear and those Multicam 5.11 TDUs with such a horrific display of blasphemy and then want to mob me with Airsoft pitchforks.  Speaking of "health and safety," today will be the start of a new series here on the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog wherein I focus on something called, "Health and Safety."  Did I catch you off-gaurd with that one?


Before you click the "X" on this browser tab and go back to Facebook to continually hit the refresh button so that your news feed refreshes faster, hear me out.

This isn't just any old Health and Safety series...

This is the Health and Safety Series

for Airsoft Champions.
Awesome Trophy Image Copyright: Julie Rybarczyk, Used in accordance with Creative Commons License.

I'm going on a quest in search of Airsoft greatness in effort to educate you (and myself) on how to become a force-multiplier & overall Airsoft rockstar on and off the Airsoft field.  It'll be an exciting learning experience for both of us.

The reason health is important to becoming a better, all-around player primarily has to do with the fact that if you're not in good shape, you're not going to be as effective on the field as those players on the field that are in good shape (assuming all other skills are equal).  You might be able to get away with winning by compensating for your sedentary lifestyle with some fancy sharp-shooter skillz and a nice gun, but what happens when you have to go up against someone with those same skills and equipment, or better, but who also happens to be in excellent Airsoft athletic shape?  Hmmmm.  What'll you do then, Captain Couch Potato?  

It's hard to out-maneuver a worthy opponent if you're on a knee, huffing and puffing, trying to catch your breath.  Take it from an experienced "huffer-and-puffer." 

Another note, nobody even notices that $1,000 Eagle CIRAS rig you're sporting when you're the guy throwing up in a trash can in the parking lot from having to do a little bit of tactical cardio work out on the field.  You're not giving that rig the respect it deserves and wearing it on your out-of-shape frame is like putting Ferrari parts on a Datsun.  You're not fooling anyone into thinking you're high speed there, Hoot. 

Anyway, expect more intel on this in the weeks to come and prepare yourself for greatness.  

Topics in this series will include, but are not limited to:

- Proper Airsoft Diet

- Workout exercises that will target specific muscles used to operate like an Airsoft boss during games.

- Airsoft Gun/Firearm Safety (Treat your Airsoft gun as if it were real)

I will do my best to avoid making this a boring series, but the fact of the matter is, training to be a truly great Airsoft warrior will not always be glamorous and entertaining.  Some of it entails plain ol' hard work and is probably going to be a lifelong journey, but let's hope not.  I would really like to be an Airsoft badass sooner rather than later. 

So do you see now how I've made something boring into something almost not boring.  Also, regardless of whether it's boring or not, there are some that would argue that health and safety in Airsoft is paramount to its existence in the future.  

Remember that whole SB 798 situation where Airsoft became under attack from anti-gun/anti-fun activist, Senator Kevin de Leon?  This bill is the result of an Airsoft safety deficiency.  Speaking of SB 798, there's a Committee on Public Safety hearing today in the California Assembly to hear the anti-Airsoft bill read for a second, third time, now that the paintball lobbyists have had a chance to get the new version of SB 798 amended in their favor.  There will be representatives from the Airsoft industry in attendance today as well to discuss the economic impacts on California, should SB 798 get signed into law.  I'll update the blog here with any decisions made during the hearing as soon as I can get them.  


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