I know I just put up an unboxing video, but sometimes things just can't wait.  Like the arrival of my Classic Army CA25 that I had custom-fit with one of the new PolarStar Fusion Engines, which, if you haven't heard, is an HPA-powered "drop-in" solution to many of the issues that plague the current AEG gearbox designs.  HPA stands for High-Pressure Air and generally refers to an external air tank which connects to the gun via a remote coil air line.  It's basically a paintball tank rig.  Anyway,  I've mentioned the PolarStar stuff here on the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog in the past, so read up on that to get an overview of where I'm coming from here.

Also, I just realized it's not Tuesday Newsday anymore.  The stupid video took forever to upload and then I got sidetracked.  Since I haven't gone to bed yet, despite it being 2:30am, I'm still calling it Tuesday.  

Check out my PolarStar PR-25 unboxing video after the jump. 

Here's the video of me unboxing my new PolarStar PR-25 (Classic Army CA25) Designated Marksman Rifle.

Turns out the gun did not come with the fitting I needed to connect my remote line for the air tank, so I couldn't do a shooting test with it tonight.  As soon as I procure that fitting, I will begin testing.

*whisper voice* Airsoft.  

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