Last weekend, my brother-in-law, Jordan, wanted to test out his new GoPro HD helmet cam, so I gave him the new M4A1 AEG I got from Elite Force and told him to take it out to our favorite Airsoft CQB arena here in Southern California to get some footage of the gun in action to see how it performs.  Turns out, the gun performs pretty well, the camera performs pretty well and Jordan?  Well, Jordan just pwns the crap out of the other team! Combine all three and you've got a pretty phenomenal Airsoft POV HD Cam Video.

Watch Jordan do a BUNCH of winning with the Elite Force M4A1 in HD after the jump...

Elite Force M4A1 Competition Series Airsoft AEG

This video was uploaded to the Pyramyd Airsoft YouTube Channel, which happens to be the kind of channel where you can find a bunch of other Airsoft videos in case you hate you're job and want to watch Airsoft videos all day instead of getting any work done. 

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