Operation: Route 66 So this weekend marks a pretty big event in Airsoft history. A group of a couple hundred players are going to embark upon an Airsoft journey which takes place at an abandoned waterpark in the high desert of Barstow, California. You know, that old, rundown place on the way to THE VEGAS! I love The Vegas.

Yes, so I'll be attending, along with my crew of high speed Airsoft operators, on behalf of Pyramyd Air. We will be fighting on the California Militia side, wearing Woodland Camo pants, OD Green battle shirts and OD Green Voodoo Tactical Plate Carriers.  We will also have a booth/tent set up, so stop on by and say hey. We may just have some goodies for you to take home with you as well. But we'll see how well you play your cards.

For now, check out the video of the AO that John Lu put together a few months ago after the jump...

OPERATION: Route 66 - The Battle for California
Yup. You're right. That IS going to be a sweet place to play Airsoft.

I'm excited. And if you're also going, you should be excited to. If all goes well, I should have some sweet GoPro helmet cam footage for you to enjoy once we get back.

Here's an overhead map of the AO, created by the Route 66 admin.

If you're reading this AND you'll be attending the event, come say hello and tell me how I can make the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog continue to win, or at least not suck.

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