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There is A&K M60VN Gun PRON at the end of this Health and Safety Series for Airsoft Champions blog as a reward for sticking it out through the boring, yet very important info I'm about to share with you.

PROTEIN sources.

Just like the pigs in the book, Animal Farm, some protein sources are more equal than other protein sources.

Why am I even talking about protein on an Airsoft blog?

Great question.  Because true Airsoft Champions are the ones who get out to the field and PLAY Airsoft.  You won't see too many people who are truly good at Airsoft trolling retail & manufacturer social media channels in their free time.

Protein repairs and builds additional muscle.  Having the strength to shoulder-fire the 20-pound Echo1 M240 Bravo Airsoft Machine Gun, for example, comes in REAL handy if you want to look badass out on the field.   Incorporating good quality protein will help you build the muscles you need to do that.

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I will raffle off the Echo1 ER-16 if I win the contest.  I know it sounds silly, but I just want the bragging rights.  What can I say?  I have vanity issues.  As an Airsoft Blogger, I am not usually in shortage of guns, so it would be kind of selfish of me to keep the gun anyway. 

Anyway, back to the protein stuff & M60VN Gun Pron after the jump...  

Here's what the Harvard School of Public Health has to say about protein, in Cliff Notes form:

- Pay attention to the protein package, as in, what else is in the food containing the protein you're about to eat?

- Fish, Poultry & Beans are your best bet.

- Steaks are great sources of protein, but also carry super high fat content, including the saturated fat (the bad kind).

- Salmon is phenomenal for protein, equaling the amount you can get from the steak, but with substantially less fat.

- Beans, like a cup of cooked lentils, probably have the best ratio of protein to fat at about 18:1. Editor's commentary: Beans are gross, which alligns with my personal, observational-based conclusion that the worse a particular raw food source tastes, the better it is for your system. I realize that there are exceptions though.

This one is from
- Nuts: One ounce of almonds gives you 6 grams of protein, nearly as much as protein as one ounce of broiled ribeye steak.

- Milk. Aside from all that bone-strenghtening/kidney-stone-inducing Calcium, Milk has protein in it.  I love milk. A LOT. I am currently going through a gallon or more per week in the fat-free flavor. Low fat (1%-2%) is cool too though.

- Eggs: Stick with the egg whites (no yolk)

- Cheese: Get the fat-free kind.

There are differing schools of thought about when one should eat protein in relation to physical activity.  Some say before, some say after.  If you really want to know, do your own research, consult with a medical professional, and come to your own conclusions about what makes sense.  I try to eat a little something before I go to play, and then have a protein shake as soon as I get home afterwards.  My line of thought is that if protein was designed by Zeus to repair our muscle fibers, then it makes sense to me to ingest said protein after I've just spent all day putting a bunch of strain and damage on my muscles.  I've read from several sources I consider to be credible (not just Wikipedia), that eating/drinking some protein within 60 minutes of a workout is the way to go.  But sometimes that's not always possible, so just have some at some point afterwards as soon as you can.

Special disclaimer: I'm not a medical professional.  I write a blog, primarily for entertainment purposes, about guns that many feel are just "toys" (even though they can blind you and cause other severe bodily harm).  If you think I'm the only person you should listen to when it comes to health and safety advice, then you probably deserve the injuries you may sustain from thinking in such a manner.

Now for a tiny bit of A&K M60VN Gun Pron.

This is obviously a gun who has eaten more than its fair share of protein, probably since its days as a baby machine gun in the M60 factory.  Bring this gun to the field and it will command respect on your behalf without firing a single shot just like a boss would do. 
Health and Safety Series for Airsoft Champions, A&K M60VN Airsoft Machine Gun, Eating Good Protein, Harvard School of Public Health, WebMD, Pyramyd Airsoft Blog, Tom Harris Blog, Tominator,
A&K M60VN Airsoft Machine Gun - OP: Red Storm II at the Fred C. Nelles California Youth Facility in Whittier, CA
Airsoft Photo taken by Dave Bakholdin of Bakholdin Photography
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