Now that I've shown you how to get to the gearbox of the Elite Force Competition Series M4A1 Carbine, I will now provide you with the rest of the knowledge required to change your spring using the quick-change spring feature. 

Some of you might be wondering what the purpose of having the ability to quickly change out your spring would be, so I'll tell you.  Let's say, for example, that your Elite Force M4 chronos at 350 FPS and you're going to an outdoor game on a big field, which allows for assault rifles to shoot up to 400 FPS.  Having the quick-change spring feature comes in real handy because you can swap out your 350 FPS spring for something like an M120 spring which will put your gun right around 400 FPS to give it that extra range it needs to stay competitive with the other rifles out on the field.  Mind you, having a good gun is only half the battle.  You'll need a good set of tactical knowledge about movement and outsmarting your opponent as well, but that's another topic for another time. 

So anyway, back to our gearbox.  Check out the quick tutorial about quick-changing your spring after the jump...
First, we have our gearbox, which as been removed from the body, and we take a look at it from the back end.  It's a bit difficult to detect in the photo, but that hole in the back of the gearbox's spring guide rod actually fits an allen wrench, which you will need to change out your AEG spring. 

To change out the spring, insert the allen wrench into the back of the spring guide.  In this case, I couldn't find my metric set of allen wrenches so I had to use my SAE kit, which was just slight smaller to be a perfect fit, but it still got the job done.  I used a 7/32 allen wrench, as you may be able to tell from the picture.  So turn it counterclockwise (in the direction of my super cool bendy arrow) until...
 Boom.  Spring guide pops out. 
Be careful here. You'll need a good grip on that allen wrench because the spring will want to launch it and the spring guide across the room or possibly directly into your face at a high velocity if you let it, but I suggest you don't let it do so for (hopefully) obvious reasons.

Once you get the spring & spring guide to pop out, you just pull the spring out, put your new spring in along with the spring guide, and reinsert the to until the spring guide is flush with the back side of the gear box, turn CLOCKWISE this time to lock it back into place and you're good to go.  Obviously you will have to put the gun back together as well, but you know what I mean, don't you?

Hopefully, as you continue to read my blogs about the Elite Force M4 Competition Series, you'll begin to see that Elite Force has brought a really nice, yet affordable, M4 option to the table that I think gives them the edge over G&G in at least one or two areas.  I'd like to start seeing some more variety of M4 platform designs from Elite Force to compete across a wider scale with G&G, but that will likely come with time, as they are still brand new to the market. 

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