Monday, December 12, 2011

Airsoft Sniper Rifles - Deals on Distance

Pyramyd Air has a ton of Airsoft sniper rifles on sale right now for the Christmas season.  Two in particular I think are of superbly great value: 

The Echo1 ASR (Advanced Sniper Rifle) and the UTG Master Sniper Rifle
Both are on sale for around a hundred bucks, plus or minus a few dollars.  Not only that, but Pyramyd Air is throwing in a grip of free BBs with each Airsoft sniper rifle to sweeten the deal for you as a way of saying, "Hey, thanks for being awesome." 
Read more on my favorite of the two Airsoft sniper rifles after the jump...

If you'd like my honest opinion as to my preference of the two, I give the edge to the Echo1 ASR.  Nothing against UTG, really, but I liked the super smooth bolt action of the Echo1 better, plus the gun, as a whole, was of a lighter weight then the UTG Master Sniper Rifle.  To top it all off, I really like the fact that the ASR features a standard, collapsible M4 stock and M4 Pistol Grip.  The UTG Master Sniper Rifle, despite having a fixed rifle stock, does come with stackable rubber pads which attach to the butt plate of the stock, for adjusting the stock length. 

 Trigger pull on both sniper rifles was pretty good and both came with bi-pods and two magazines. 

Don't think that the UTG Master Sniper Rifle isn't a great option, especially at it current price, simply because I spoke mostly of the Echo1 ASR.  I was simply illustrating my preference between the two.  If you're on a pretty tight budget and just can't wait to pick up a gun, the UTG will make a fine platform for your Airsoft sniping.  

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