For today's installment of my Health and Safety Series for Airsoft Champions, I thought I'd cover something so basic, but so important.  Getting into the habit of switching your Airsoft gun's safety on and off at the appropriate times.

While there may be differing schools of thought on this, I received professional instruction that the gun safety should be "on" when holstered, which certainly makes sense to me. 

Then, draw your pistol

Switch safety off. 

From here, there are more steps to drawing your pistol, but I'm not going to get into those right now. 

From the other side, just so you can see what's really going on...

Thumb should be resting on safety here, but I was having a hard time making it clear in the photo what I was trying to convey.  Safety is on.
Safety is off.  Hammer is cocked. 

When you go to holster the weapon again with the hammer cocked, switch the safety back on with your thumb before you insert the gun.

These are good practices to get into not just for Airsoft, but especially for use with firearms.

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