The KJW Mk1 Non-blowback Gas Pistol (for only $39 freakin' whole dollars!)

One of these guns (above and below) is not like the other.  Can you spot the difference(s)?
SOCOM Gear Gemtech Oasis (above).  If you guessed that the SOCOM Gear version had the licensed Gemtech suppressor on it, where as the KJW did not, then you'd be correct in guessing the primary difference.  There are other much more subtle differences, but who cares about those?  Ok, well I do, actually.

Check out all the details on the KJW Mk1 NBB vs. the SOCOM Gear Gemtech OASIS after the jump...

So let's go over a few more differences over and above the licensed Gemtech suppressor on the SOCOM Gear model.

First off, I don't have this confirmed, but I believe SOCOM Gear actually partnered with KJW to make their base gun and then added the Gemtech integrated can, so I believe we're still comparing Apples to Apples here, but it's like one is a Fuji and the other is a Gala apple.  Both are good, but have slightly different characteristics. 
Perhaps the biggest item to note about the KJW Mk1 is that it's probably one of the most affordable metal gas guns that can compete in the higher end market.  At the time of today's blog, it's going for $39.95 at Pyramyd Air.  That's CRAZY CHEAP considering what you're getting.  You won't find a better gun for that price.  It chronos around 400 FPS, for cryin' out loud.  That's just nuts.
The SOCOM Gear Gemtech OASIS, on the other hand, costs a bit more, but you've got official trademarks to boast about now.  It's still a super cheap Airsoft gun, compared to other Airsoft green gas guns in its class.  Plus, with the outer barrel being longer, you can use a longer inner barrel in turn, which will provide you with even further range and accuracy.  It's said to be a pretty quiet gun (I haven't heard it fired, personally), not necessarily because of the mock suppressor (hence the "mock"), but because it's a non-blowback model.  So sneaking up on your enemy's six should be a lot easier with this gun. 
So those would be the primary differences, as I see them, though I suppose there may be more. 
Best bet would be to do a side-by-side comparison on Pyramyd Air's website between the two models and see what is best for your style of play. 
KJW Mk1 Non-blowback Airsoft Gas Gun
SOCOM Gear Gemtech OASIS Non-Blowback Airsoft Gas Gun

If you can't decide which option you like, you can always do what I do and just get both.  Problem solved, threat neutralized, end of story, goodbye, the end.  Boom.

*whisper voice*


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