If there was a tactical flashlight which excelled above most other tac lights, the UTG Combat Xenon Flashlight would be that light.

260 Lumens.  And some other features, too.   Check 'em out after the jump...

  • 3 functions: on, off, momentary

  • 37mm bulb

  • Push-button momentary

  • Twist-on switch

  • Combat/tactical head

  • Law-enforcement rated rolling stop shoulder

  • 9V

  • 260 max lumens

  • 70 mins. max battery operating time

  • 1.07" diameter

  • 7" long

  • 9 oz.

  • Aluminum body

  • Incl. 3 CR123A batteries, remote pressure switch & Weaver mount

Even the packaging is nice.
The UTG Combat Xenon Flashlight even comes with the three, 3-Volt C123A batteries you need to blind the snot out of the OPFOR.

Not only that, but this particular light offers you the choice of two different set-ups:



Here's all the bits & pieces included in the kit to illuminate in whichever configuration you so desire.
260 Lumens.  From that tiny little LED bulb.  Like a boss. 

So obviously, that's a crap-ton of awesome features, so naturally, a logical person would reason that this light costs an arm and a leg when one considers that other tac lights with the all the same specs like the world-famous Surefire tac lights go for hundreds of dollars.  However, in this case, the logical person would be dead wrong.  $45 plus a couple bucks for shipping is all it takes to enjoy a lack of darkness.  Subscribe to our weekly eBlast and you can grab a coupon code, usually 10-11%.  If that still doesn't quite fit your budget, perhaps you should consider submitting your picture to our Big Shot of the Week contest being hosted on our Airsoft Facebook page.  Each week, we select a winner and send them a $50 gift card.  Check the link below for more details. 

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