Today's topic is going to take a more therapeutic approach and (hopefully) cause you to take pause and do a sit rep on your own issues (we all have them, according to my therapist, Dr. Goldstein).  This post has been inspired from analysis of my personal experiences with shooting so many different guns from different manufacturers and from different price points.  I've also combined that with my experiences with playing Airsoft in different regional communities throughout Southern & Central California.

To give you a bit more clarification on just exactly what in the hell I'm referring to when I say the "Airsoft Blame Game," allow me to provide you with a few quotes and/or paraphrasing from actual people/players:

Quote, from 50+ yards (150 feet) away in an outdoor environment:

"Call your hits, mother #$*%&@!!!  I just dumped an entire high-cap mag on you!"

We've all seen this situation all too many times.  And while I will certainly agree that there have been a number of times where some cheating has occurred, I'm going to hit you like a ton of bricks with another possibility of what went on there:
Either you or your gun sucks and are NOT actually hitting your intended target.  

I have personally been accused of cheating on the field when some dumbass is "making it rain" 6mm plastic all around me, but not actually ON me to constitute a hit.  I have also seen this happen to others as well.  This is especially an issue at longer engagement distances because of the fact that most players are not using any sort of magnified optic that would assist them in tracking the flight of that tiny plastic Airsoft BB.  Even the ones that DO have the magnified optic don't necessarily use it.  Some people put them on their gun just to make it look cool.  Those are usually the same people that are doing the yelling and accusing others of cheating when they really have no proof of such dishonor. 

Here's a thought for those that actually want to improve their game and genuinely kick ass & take names on the field: Try strategies & tactics when you play.  Work with a battle buddy or join a full-on Airsoft team.  These are things I will cover in more detail at a later time, but just keep those thoughts in your mind.

Ok, so here's another one that I've seen a lot of already since I started working behind the scenes a bit in the Airsoft industry.

This one is more of a paraphrased example, not an actual, direct quote:

"I ordered my gun from you guys (the retailer) and it broke after I only played one game with it.  
This is all your fault and now I'm going to go and give not only you a bad review on the internet, but I'm also going to rip the gun as well." 

Is it really the retailer's fault now?   Couldn't it also be that maybe you have been watching too many movies and playing too much COD so you thought you could just go out to the field and rough up the gun like the cool guys do in those movies, expecting your china-made Airsoft gun to continue functioning as if it had just been pulled from the box?  I have several good friends who work as warranty techs for various Airsoft companies and they've shared some stories with me about this very situation.

Of course, there are lemons out there.  I have certainly received a few, but the important thing to consider is whether the entire class of that particular model is bad, or if it's just that one, unique item that happened to slip underneath the QC radar.  Going back to my comment up top about my experiences with shooting a wide variety of different guns, thanks to Pyramyd Air, I have been extremely privileged to be in a position where I have been able to review quite a few different guns, many of which I would never have considered purchasing simply because I had preconceived notions about their quality, based on what I had read from others on the internet, or heard in person.  However, what I found was that there aren't too many guns being marketed to the MilSim market which I would consider to be genuinely bad products.  Poorly designed, poorly made, crap.  Sure, some are going to be made with better quality materials and/or have other superior features, but most of the time you're going to have to pay extra for that because, let's face it, that's life.  However, just because an item isn't the most expensive model on the shelf, doesn't necessarily mean that it's crap or that it wouldn't be a good option for you to consider purchasing.  There are actually quite a few very affordable Airsoft guns for the MilSim player out there right now that are very nice guns and will treat you very well, assuming you return the favor. 

Don't be the guy who publicly reviews a gun as being awful because he was negligent and didn't exercise the proper care needed for the gun to function effectively.  Other people will read that and possibly base their decision on your false review and potentially miss an opportunity to add what is actually a nice gun to their arsenal.  Do you see how your actions might affect others in this situation?

I should point out that I'm not saying you should share your experiences with the product if they weren't positive.  By all means, let the world know.  But don't be a troll about it.  It's important that you try and keep things in perspective and consider the possibility that it might just be that particular gun getting overlooked by Quality Control or, even more unthinkable, it's your fault.

Sorry if I came off as ranting a bit (or a lot).  Just wanted you to do some thinking and maybe, if the scenarios I mentioned above don't apply to you, perhaps you know someone that may benefit from a little reality check like this.

As a reward for sticking it through my blog today, here are some photos I took of Tactical Girls model, Melissa Gilliland, while visiting the booth at Shot Show 2012.  Melissa is accompanied in the pictures by each of the three EPIC real steel ARs that the 31 Souls Project raffled off at the AmericanSnipers booth, which generated over $15,000 for the 31 U.S. soldiers who were killed overseas back in August 2011 after their helicopter was shot down by insurgents.

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