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Allen Wrench Tool Set - How to Upgrade Your Airsoft Guns - Tominator's Tech Tool Tips
Tom Harris for the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog
Today's post on the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog is gonna keep it real.  Real simple, that is.  There are many Airsoft players out there who not only love to play, but love to upgrade the performance of their beloved Airsoft Guns, which requires certain tools in order to do so.  So today I thought I would highlight one particularly important set of tools that you really can't do without if you want to handle your own Airsoft upgrades.  That set would be the Allen wrenches you see above.  Some people call them "hex tools"or "hex keys" as well.  Whether or not that is correct is beyond me, but it does make sense because these Allen wrenches have six sides, hence the name hex being relevant.

I don't know who this Allen guy was, but he sure invented a handy tool.  I highly recommend a set like you see above, where there are different sizes.  I hate to sound like a treasonous traitor, but I also recommend you get the Metric (SI) sizes, which come in millimeters (mm) rather the U.S. Imperial sizes, which come in fractions of an inch.  Most Airsoft guns that I've worked on have been more compatible with the metric-sized allen keys.  

I feel the need to specify that these allen keys will not only be compatible with your Airsoft AEGs,
but also your spring-powered Airsoft Sniper Rifles, CO2 & Green Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifles & SMGs, Gas Blowback Pistols as well.  So yes, they ooze versatility and they're very inexpensive for a nice little set.  You can get them at pretty much any local hardware store. 
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