Just a tad bit more to add to my coverage of the Spartan Imports booth at Shot Show 2012.  This time, featuring some new Classic Army AEGs, like the Krebs Custom AK47 tactical Airsoft AEG. 

 If you're into AKs, you might appreciate some of the subtle details seen in the photo above.  A plethora of Picatinny rail space (RIS), including a rail sitting directly over the upper receiver.  This is a really nice feature because it eliminates the need for you to have to spend additional cash money on a scope mount rail if you wanted to run an optic on your rifle, which I would highly recommend if you're a serious shooter, or desire to be one someday.  Also included is what's likely to be a high-cap AK magazine AND...if you look closely, you'll notice my beloved Classic Army VLTOR-style crane stock.  I LOVE THIS STOCK.  SUPER FUNCTIONAL AND SUPER GOOD-LOOKING. 

Check out the rest of the guns I "scoped out" at the Spartan Imports booth after the jump...
                                                     (^See what I did there?)

Just below the Airsoft Krebs Custom AK from Classic Army, there were some additional Airsoft AEGs from CA as well.
 These were in the form of licensed TangoDown full-metal Airsoft M4s.  One with what I would estimate to be a 14.5" outer barrel as well as the shorter, CQB length version below.  In addition to the full-metal bodies, these two Classic Army Airsoft AEGs boasted one of my favorite styles of stubby vertical foregrips, molded waffle-style magazines and, of course, my favorite Classic Army VLTOR-style crane stocks.  Also of note, the front & rear flip-up sights on both models.  Always a nice feature to have. 

Apologies for this next shot.  Definitely not my best work.  In fact, none of this is by a long shot, but I'll be honest when I say that I just don't have the skills I thought I did to be able to shoot indoors, on the go, in that lowly lit environment.  Anyway, here's a shot of the CQB-length TangoDown upper & lower receivers. 
 You KNOW I had to give some close-up lovin' that my stock!
The photo does her no justice!  She is truly breath-taking in person.

And just for good measure, I've added a couple options from the Cybergun side of things (you'll recall they're now the majority owners of Spartan Imports).  Here, we have some licensed FN Herstal (FNH) Airsoft rifles.  Not sure if the SCAR (Mk16) on the top is the WE Gas Blowback Rifle or the VFC AEG Rifle, but either way, it's a licensed version of one of them.  My guess is it's the VFC AEG version. 
That beast on the bottom, in the photo above, would, of course, be the VFC SSR, which is obviously set up for longer distance engagements.  Basically, it's the designated marksman rifle of the SCAR series, or at least that's what I'd consider it to be.

Lastly, for the P90 fans, here's that FNH P90 from King Arms, which has the nylon fiber body that I talked about in a prior blog video
So there you have it.  If your Shot Show 2012 hunger pains are still unsatisfied, check out the rest of my Shot Show 2012 coverage here.

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