- SB 798
- SB 1315
- NJ S810
- Gun-fearing Democrats, hippies and/or anyone else who doesn't understand the importance of gun rights and is motivated to try and take them away

- Getting arrested for having an Airsoft gun in public (with no case).

- Getting shot with real bullets for having an Airsoft gun in public (no case).
Do a Google search for pictures of gun shot wounds and tell me that looks like fun while keeping a straight face. 

- Getting killed by real bullets for having an Airsoft gun in public (no case).

Would you like to risk getting killed because you were playing with your Airsoft gun in a public place, or maybe not even playing with it, you were just transporting it from your car in the parking lot to your local Airsoft shop to have their tech do some upgrades on it.  Meanwhile, an off-duty LEO sees you with your Airsoft gun, draws down on you and perhaps fires upon you, thinking your gun is real.  That example might seem a little extreme or absurd, but if you were to do a "news" search for Airsoft on Google, I can promise you that some of the top results will include stories about police officers responding to someone with an Airsoft gun in public.  Sometimes the person with the Airsoft gun in public gets shot, sometimes they don't. 

While technically, most, if not all of the legislation I listed above stems from kids doing more than just hanging out with their guns in public, they were actually running around and playing with them, but you get the idea here.

I may not have include ALL of the safety reasons here, but I would think those items would be PLENTY serious enough to get your attention.

Those are just the safety and legal compliance reasons for having an Airsoft gun case.

On top of the safety aspects, you need to consider the protection factor that an Airsoft gun case provides for your beloved collection of Airsoft guns.  Not only will transporting your Airsoft guns in a case help greatly reduce
many of the safety issues I listed above, but a gun was also help to protect your Airsoft gun(s) from getting damaged during transit.  If you're like me and feel the need to take a lot of stuff with you when you go to play Airsoft, then having to stuff all that into your car can cause things to get scrunched, crunched, smashed and/or otherwise damaged.  There aren't many things worse than finding out your prized, $700 Airsoft gun was damaged on the way to the Airsoft field because you were negligent in taking the proper precautionary measures to ensure its safe arrival.

If you already have a case, good.  USE IT.  If you don't have one, here are some cases that I highly recommend, based on personal experience.

My favorite: The Plano All-Weather (AW) 50" Double Gun Case
This case is very beast-like, in all kinds of positive ways.

42" version of that same style case:

If you know deep down in your heart that you don't need a hard case for your rifle, or maybe the hard case is just way out of your budget, getting a rifle bag like this: https://www.pyramydair.com/s/a/UTG_DC_Series_Tactical_Gun_Case_42_Long_Black/3849 would be the next best option.  It's even got a bunch of mag pouches to help keep things neat & tidy when in transport.  Keep in mind though, that even though then may be some padding in this bag, or other rifle bags, that alone will not protect your long guns from getting bent all to hell during transit if you throw them into the car along with a bunch of other heavy stuff that might slide around during transit and damage your gun.  I can say from personal experience, unfortunately, that this is a definitely reality.  I've have to replace a bent outer barrel on one of my M4s because I didn't think about the environment inside my car's trunk, where I was placing my rifle bag when I went on an Airsoft road trip. 

Caveat Emptor: I do recommend this one, but be aware that the metal finishes on the outside of the case do not stay shiny for very long and with the case being as heavy as it is, even before you stuff it full of guns & accessories, it can make it even more difficult to handle the thing with care, in an effort to keep the finishes looking nice.  So the allure of having a blinged out case for your guns would not be something you should hope for when purchasing this case.  It DOES, however, do a pretty darn good job at keeping my guns & optics safe. 

When it comes to pistols, I feel that the risk of damage during transit is less likely and therefore I'm not entirely convinced that you need to go with a hard case in every situation.  But if you are a big fan of hard cases like me, then I highly recommend the Plano Gun Guard series once again, especially if you like to take a couple different Airsoft pistols with you.  This is a great option:

If you like to travel light and just want something cheap and effective, here's a hard case for about 8 bucks:
Hard to beat that.

Whether you go with a hard case or a soft-shell case or bag, you still need to keep your Airsoft guns in something while transporting them in public, even while in your vehicle.  If you get pulled over by a cop with an Airsoft gun sitting out in the open, on your seat, things could get ugly real quick.

For the full selection of gun cases that Pyramyd Air has to offer, check out the following link:


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