For those of you that don't know, I'm currently in Buford, Georgia, which is near Hotlanta, GA, to attend the 2-Year Anniversary of the SS Airsoft CQB Facilty.  This place is crazy awesome and I thought I'd give you guys a little tour of the field to get just a taste of just how cool it is. 

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Here is Andy Green, from Elite Force, checking out the briefing room, which is where the players go to get game rules & objectives before they go out onto the field to shoot it up. 

Sweet graphic design with the field reflection in the goggle.  Just thought I'd point that little detail out. 
 Wow, Tom.  Literally nothing is in focus here.  Top notch work!  *fart noise*
Somebody better call HAZMAT
YUP.  That's huge chopper with rotary blades that actually function as a giant fan.  This thing is insane.  Even at it's adjustable, 40% speed, it still moves a lot of cool air like a big dog.  Definite plus for those hot & humid Georgia Airsoft days. 
Shot of the center of the fan blades from underneath (had to flip the image to see the donkey, though).  It is literally named the "Big Ass Fan."  Get it?  SO NICE!!!
Satellite along with game control tower in the center of the field to provide overwatch on the game. 
Jihad Jail, with rooms to clear.
Chris Kyle would be proud. 
Fake broken glass.  A nice aesthetic touch.  Lots of attention to detail here.
Just awesome. 
Sharp Shooter, Andy Green, from Elite Force lookin' sharp.  One can never be too sharp. 
Party room with a view of the field so players can chill out, eat some pizza and watch all the action with a front row seat.

Banner wall in the giant staging area (below)
Seriously.  This is going to be a big event. 
Downed pilot, hanging by his parachute cord from the rafters.
There she is again, from a different vantage point.  Glorious!
Always late and OCCASIONALLY worth the wait.   Jayson Conroy, from Voodoo Tactical, finally graces us with his presence around midday today.  All jokes aside, he's a good dude. 

So there you go.  Just a little taste.  That doesn't even begin to illustrate the craziness that this weekend should have in store.  If you'd like more up to the minute sit reps from me on this little Airsoft road trip, check out the Pyramyd Airsoft Facebook page by clicking the giant image directly below this text.
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