Friday, March 9, 2012

New 5.11 All Hazards Prime Backpack

While I was at Shot Show 2012 back in January, I had the pleasure of getting a peep at the new All Hazards Prime Backpack from 5.11 Tactical.  I didn't get a chance to really spend any time with it, so while I was visiting their headquarters in Modesto, CA the other day, I made sure to get a good look at it.  Here's what I saw...

Pockets, MOLLE & velcro loop galore.

Admin compartment for loose papers, notebooks, pens & pencils, two key fob clips, etc.

This is actually the middle compartment of the bag, between the admin compartment and the main compartment.

This bag packs a lot of stuff in a deceivingly large package.

You can obviously add more MOLLE pouches to suit whatever needs you may have for this bag.  On the front flap, you'll notice two mesh, zipper pouches with ID inserts to label the pouches as you please.

Taking its name into consideration, this bag was designed for first responders to carry with them to address "all hazards" they may encounter.

So this would be the section of the backpack where you could store a variety of emergency medical supplies & others tools.

5.11 used the orange nylon lining material to help provide a high contrast against the items you store inside this area to assist you in identifying them faster in situations where timing is of the essence.

You can easily fit an iPad or Android tablet, as well as most laptop computers 15" & under in this area as well. 
On to the main compartment, while it may be hard to tell from the photo, but this actually has a pretty good amount of cubic volume.  Probably the equivalent of a two-day pack.

Featured inside this section are sleeves for a full size laptop (bottom), as well as a tablet (top).

As with most bags from 5.11, the All Hazards Prime will accept a 2-3 liter hydration bladder along with generously padded shoulder straps. 
I especially liked this pocket on top of the bag.  It has a rigid exterior with a fleece-lined interior with generous space for storing sensitive items like your sunglasses and smartphone/iPod devices.

Overall, it's an extremely versatile bag with a seemingly endless combination of uses, so don't just get hung up on thinking it's only useful for first responders. It will also be offered in black, and I wouldn't be surprised, assuming it ends up to be a popular style for them, that they add OD Green & possibly a Multicam edition as well.

ARE YOU A TACTICAL BAG LOVER?  Tell us about your favorite bag & why you love it so much.  If you take the loving of bags perhaps a bit to the extreme like I do, I'm sure you have more than one favorite, so don't feel limited to just sharing one.

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