Ah...The KWA KRISS Vector Gas Blowback Airsoft SMG

I think that KWA has done a really nice job on this highly sought after Airsoft SMG.  Even though the model featured in these photos that I got to see is still a prototype, subject to changes, it's a working model.  Yes, I got to shoot it. 

I'll tell you all about the KWA KRISS Vector after the jump...

The first thing I noticed when I shot the Airsoft KRISS for the first time was that there is virtually no recoil even though it's technically considered a gas blowback gun.  KWA has actually been able to replicate the form AND function of the actual Super V recoil management system.  It's pretty sweet!

There are tons of features on the KWA KRISS. 
KRISS trades on both front and rear flip-up sights.  I somehow failed to get a shot of the rear sight trades in focus, so I do apologize for that. 
Speaking of focus issues, I was having a hell of a time, but I think you can still pretty much get the idea of what's going on below despite the image's lack of clarity.

Safe & Fire selector switch.  Interestingly enough, there are two separate switches for fire selection.  The switch above the grip only toggles between safe and fire, but the switch just behind the ejection port is what dictates whether you're firing in semi-auto, two-round burst or full auto.  People with short little carnie fingers may have some trouble reaching the front switch without having to remove their hand off the pistol grip.  Both of those switches are ambidextrous, btw.  So you could just use your other hand for that.

The folding stock is actually adjustable for length of pull, but you'll have to remove the two screws at the back of the stock to adjust, so it's not really a quick-release setup.
Another poorly executed shot.  Seriously?  Sorry peeps.  Perhaps I was just so nervous and overwhelmed by the awesome nature of the KWA KRISS, that I couldn't keep my hand steady or something.  Anyway, here is the back of the extended, 50-round KRISS magazine, complete with ".45ACP" markings and KRISS trades molded into the exterior.
Here is the KRISS disassembled.  There are four body pins that need to be removed and you're done.  Pretty easy. 
This is a close-up of the actual Airsoft Super V blowback system.  As the nozzle on the top left gets pushed back, it simultaneously pushes the main bolt carrier thing down, until the spring you see there sends it back to battery. 
Here you can see a close-up of the charging handle at the top of the lower receiver, with the big button being the bolt-release and the smaller button underneath that, along the side of the grip, is the magazine release button.  This mag release button make take some getting used to because you will have to press that button with the hand not in charge of pulling the trigger.
I'm sure some of you have notice that there is a rail plate missing.  I'm told that the final production model may come with the rail plates on each side, as well as underneath the front end, like you see above, however, that is not 100% certain at this time. 
The KWA Vector will likely come with the extended, 50-round KRISS magazine, but a shorter, magazine (25-30rds) will likely be available as well. 

Just for funsies, I've include a perfect pairing, in my opinion:
The KWA KRISS Vector SMG and the KWA HK45 GBB Airsoft Pistol. 
They're such good friends.  One is German and the other is Swiss, so while they're each from separate countries, they share the same great German language.  They like to hang out together, have a litre of finely crafted German beer, consume delicious Weinerschnitzel and occasionally engage in some good old fashion yodeling together.  What a wondrous pair!

The KWA KRISS Vector release date is schedule for mid-summer, 2012 with a price point between $300-$400.  It will run on green gas or propane (basically the same thing, essentially).  Rest assured, Pyramyd Air will have some in stock as soon as they become available, so keep your eyes peeled for the announcement.  

So what are YOUR thoughts about the KWA KRISS Vector? 
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