One of the many uses for 550 paracord is to make super handy little pull tabs to assist you with accessing the contents of your tactical gear, such as bags, packs and/or pouches. 

Today, I just wanted to quickly illustrate how handy they can be.  Not only can they help you get a better grip on the zipper, especially if you're wearing bulky gloves that inhibit dexterity, but if you use a contrasting color of paracord when compared to your bag or pouch, it can really help improve your ability to find the zipper in much less time, in the event you were in a low-light situation or in an emergency where timing is of the essence.  Or maybe you're just impatient and don't like having to hunt around for the zipper while getting into your stuff. 

In any event, high-visibility 550 paracord pull tabs are pretty sweet. 

The type of 550 paracord pull tab that I used for this illustration is a fun one.  It's woven to take the shape of a rattlesnake's tail, specifically the rattle.  Unfortunately, I can't claim to be awesome and say that I came up with this design.  I merely followed the work of somebody else on this one.

Looking at the photos, you can see (i hope) how well the white paracord stands out against the black bag.  You don't have to use white, and in some cases, white may not be the best color when you've got an item of similar color.  As long as it stands out against the background of the bag, you're probably going to be good to go.

There's always at least two parts to making a 550 paracord bracelet, pull tab, key FOB or whatever.  The primary weave or design, and then deciding how to tie it off.  Ironically, for me, the most difficult and time consuming part of the process is deciding upon the most effective knot to use that also doesn't look ugly or just like a jumbled random knot.

In this case, I decided, for lack of a better idea and limited cord left to work with, to go with what's called a Stevedore Knot, which can also be called a Double 8. 

Like I said above, I used what's called a "Stevedore Knot" or "Double 8" to secure the pull tab to the zipper.  Probably not the actual intended use of this knot, it's considered more of a "stopper knot" but I took some creative liberties with it because I can.  Here is a shot of what the actual knot looks like. 
Stevedore Knot (Double 8) - 550 Paracord Pull Tab for Tactical Gear
Photo by Frank van Mierlo, found on Wikipedia.com & used for illustrative purposes.
Rather than reinvent the wheel when a very nice wheel has already been invented (so to speak), here is a great video on how to make the Rattlesnake Pull Tab (Technically, it's a Key FOB, but it works just as well).

Speaking of paracord, Air Venturi 550 Paracord Cobra Weave Bracelets are now available at Pyramyd Air in a variety of legit colors. 

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