See how I rhymed that title?

For the longest time now, I've had this Blackhawk SERPA holster lying around not getting any use.  Reason being: I only had a belt paddle for it but don't like having it on my belt.  I prefer running a thigh rig for my sidearm during games.  I recently came upon an opportunity to do a little tradesies with my brother Todd for one of his thigh platforms in exchange for an item or two I had in my possession.  The only problem was that he did not have the screws to mount the holster onto the thigh platform.

At first I thought the screws I had for the belt paddle would work, but they were too short, as it were.  Since I am very impatient and didn't want to have to try & track some official Blackhawk SERPA replacement screws down online, pay what would probably be more money than necessary, plus shipping, then have to wait for the screws to arrive, I just ran down the street to my local hardware store to see if they might have some screws that would work just as well.

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Turns out, I was kinda right.  I only brought the holster with me to see if they had screws that would fit, but not the thigh platform, so I ended up buying a few screws that were the correct diameter, but not the correct length.  In fact, I'll admit, I did a terrible job estimating the correct length.  Total fail.  I didn't sweat it though, since the screws were made of brass and I figured would be relatively easy to cut with my Dremel rotary tool. 

So I took a measurement or two on how much I needed to cut and then proceeded to do so.  

5.57mm is about the length needed to attach the holster securely. 

For those of you curious as to what size screws will work, in terms of the diameter, I took the liberty of documenting the measurements I took.  I would have just told you what was written on their packaging from the store, but I accidentally threw it away before I wrote it down.  This measurements should get you plenty close enough to work.  Here is the diameter in Inches.

And here it is in millimeters. 

You will need a screw/bolt (same thing, essentially) with a head at least 7.74mm in diameter.  I wouldn't go any less.  This screws were cutting it a little closer than I'd prefer.  You could also use washers to circumvent this issue as well. 

Here is that same measurement in Inches.

So once I got things cut to the proper length, they fit just lovely.  Here is a shot of the back of the thigh platform.  The holster is mounted on the other side. 
So there is the holster, mounted to the thigh platform.  There should NOT be a gap between the holster and the thigh platform, nor should the holster have any real room to wiggle.  If so, your screws are probably too long.  Either cut them down a bit or add some washers to secure the holster more firmly.
 So there you have it.  SERPA holster mounted to thigh rig using standard screws found at the hardware store.  Now you have no need to fret should you find yourself in the same predicament as me.  Threat neutralized. 

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