Check out some of the news as reported by the very noble, Jonathan Higgs, from Airsoftology.

Perhaps the biggest news in that mix is the release of the gas blowback KWA LM4 PTR, which is available at Pyramyd Air.  I was able to do a little testing & evaluation (T&E) on it last week while the MilSim Junkie and his posse were in town, along with G. Wong (Spartan117GW) and let me tell you, I was thoroughly impressed.  Especially after I've been using my brother-in-law's G&P WOC GBBR for a little bit.  The KWA LM4 was absolutely phenomenal right out of the box.  The "mirrion dorrar" question is how well the internals of the LM4 are going to hold up and/or how easy it is to be repaired if it does break down.  I'll have more follow-up on the LM4 coming soon.

My shoulder is actually improving quite a bit each day (I dislocated it at SC Viper, for those that didn't already know).

Check out some of the footage that the MilSim Junkie got while he was in town.  My cameo doesn't appear towards the end.  All the cool people got mentioned first. 

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