Yup.  True Story.  Actually, it gets better (for you, worse for me). 
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Hokkatsu Thunder B CO2 Sound Grenade - The Importance of Good Tactical Gloves
Airsoft photo credit: Tom Harris for the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog
 Wanna see what happened to my hand and/or the gloves I was wearing at the time?  Wanna hear what I said right before I threw the grenade that went off in my hand?

...then click here to read about it all after the jump...

So the story goes that my buddies & I were at Operation: Route 66 last year, which was the one held at the abandoned water park out in the Southern California desert. There were bad guys dug into some buildings.  Naturally, we wanted them the heck out.  As we are preparing to make an advance upon them to bring the 6mm hate, my buddy Chad calls out to me saying, "Tom, give me a grenade!"  However, me, being a selfish [email protected]$$, replied, "CHAD!!  I'll do it!  I'm like a grenade technician!"  Implying that I could throw the grenade better than him.  Especially since they were mine.  

So I extracted one of the Thunder B sound grenades from its pouch on my vest, pulled the pin, tossed it around the corner where the bad guys were, and then waiting for the epic boom, signaling us that it was ok to advance and continue our mud-stomp of their faces.

Well, since I did not properly prep the grenade the way I normally do, the stupid thing did not go off after the normal time of 4-5 seconds.  DARNIT!!!  I thought to myself.  Now I either need to throw another one or call myself out and got retrieve my core (for those that don't know, only the black canister that blasts open is the disposable part.  There is a metal core inside, along with the cap which is reusable and you definitely want to hang on to).

At this point, 30-60 seconds had past and I just decided to call myself out and the go & get that one since I only had one left and didn't want to waste it.  So I called myself out, put the red rag on my head, walked around the corner, saw my grenade sitting on the dirt, near the bad guys (who would have been well within the kill radius had it went off).  As I picked up the Thunder B, thinking that it was a dud, the stupid thing goes BOOM!...in my hand.  Luckily, I was wearing high-quality tactical gloves.  Like yesterday's blog about the importance of wearing high-quality gloves, the gloves I was wearing also happened to be 5.11 Tactical gloves.  However, I would like to point out that there are a number of high-quality glove makers out there.  I'm not implying that 5.11 is the only one putting out good gloves.

So here's what the damage to my hand looked like:

No, there isn't a picture missing.  No damage was sustained to my hand, save for a bit of mild numbness that only lasted for a minute or two.  Therefore, no picture of any damage to my hand exists.  Had I not been wearing gloves, I might have likely suffered a bit more damaged, because as you can see from the photo of the exploded Thunder B, that the thick plastic canister gets ripped open very forcefully and creates a very jagged edge along the edges.  While it's unlikely that you would cut yourself just running the palm of your along the edge, I would imagine one might incur a bit of a flesh wound if they were holding that thing with a bare hand when it went off.

So the next question is likely going to be, "What happened to the glove on your hand?"
5.11 Tactical Hard Time Hard-Knuckle Gloves - The Importance of Good Gloves
Airsoft Image: Tom Harris for the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog
While there is obviously quite a bit of wear & tear (I've had these gloves for awhile and have put them through a bit of hell), there wasn't much damage done to them from the grenade, other than a few scratch marks and wear near the bottom of my right-hand palm (which is the glove shown on the right).  I also wonder whether the glove material's strength help to mitigate some of the blunt force from the pressure build-up.  Just speculation, though. I do know that these grenades can and have caused damage to gear & such because I've seen guys drop these Thunder B's in people's cargo pockets, drop pouches and bags as a prank (I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS), all of which suffered structural damage to those items.  So it's not that the grenades are weaker than I'm trying to make them out to be.

Anyway, all I'm trying to do here is illustrate why I recommend wearing a good set of gloves.  And again, it doesn't have to be a set of 5.11 gloves.  They're just the ones I happen to wear.  Other brands that I have heard good feedback on are Voodoo Tactical, Oakley, Mechanix and Wiley X. 
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