My NorCal Pals, MilSim Junkie and Phu Sheezy, paid me another visit down in SoCal, so, of course, we went out to the Insight Interactive Airsoft CQB Arena to get a little trigger time.
I used the KWA M4 CQR MOD2 AEG as his primary because it's not only CQB-velocity friendly, but it's operator-friendly.  I can't say that it helped me win though.  We went up against an extremely well-coordinated team of players.  Probably the worst ass-kicking I have ever received.  But instead of giving up like a little b*&$#, I just moped around like one in the staging area, but kept trying to win anyway whenever the next game would start.

One thing I did NOT do, which I see a lot of others do, is to accuse the other team of cheating because I was getting beat so bad.  Nope.  I am pretty sure they won fair and square.  There was one incident that occurred between me and another player on the field, but it wasn't really an issue of cheating.  It was more of a misunderstanding of the Parlay rule.  I will be making a separate blog about that, and, of course, I got footage of it for you to offer up your own assessment of who was right and who was wrong.

Also, since I'm the one in control of the content here, I am not going to show you all the times I got hit, just the parts of my footage where I look cool or at least like I'm not getting whooped on.  
Just being honest.

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