As a follow-up to my post about installing ARC rail adapters for a COMTAC headset, the question was asked on the Pyramyd Airsoft Facebook Page about how one would be able to continue running a Contour HD helmet cam on the side of their helmet once the ARC rail adapters have been installed.  

The answer is quite simple, really.  I didn't provide a complete tutorial on the first go around.  The ARC Rail Adapter come with short, Picatinny rail mounts which sit on top of the adapters, allowing you to mount anything with a compatible rail mount on them.  This would obviously include the Contour cameras, but also a helmet light, or maybe something else cool that I didn't even know about.  
Anyway, here is the photo illustration of the Picatinny rail attached to the ARC rail adapter for my COMTAC headset.
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Picatinny rail attached to the Z Tactical ARC Rail Adapters for COMTAC Headsets
Tom Harris for the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog

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