Today, we visit some more airsoft action footage from Guillermo Lopez's Black Polo Operator Day, which I attended, of course. This airsoft action video, filmed at Code Red Airsoft Park in Southern California, features numerous shenanigans, Tom foolery (no pun intended) and even possibly some stolen valor by a chubby kid. Given his age and that I didn't hear him actually SAY that he was SF, there is a bit of a gray area.  Some people I know take great issue with this sort of thing, regardless of age, while others I know in the service feel that it's pretty harmless in this particular case.  You decide for yourself.

There is also some clips of me shoosting people with my KWA LM4 & HK45 blasters. Brian Holt fires the Echo1USA PKM prototype from the hip and Tate Kinsella has the stones to wear skinny jeans. If you enjoy the video, please share it! It helps a lot!

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