Today, I'm going to talk dirty a lil bit 'bout the new RedStar AMD-65 AK from Echo1 USA. But first, a few disclaimers.

Disclaimer A) Yes, I know that I already used these photos in a prior blog where I was showing off the new MadBull PBS Mock Suppressors I got. But I was actually having a heck of a time getting the stock flash hider back on the rifle and didn't see the point in re-shooting AND editing the same images when I already had perfectly good shots already done and done.

Disclaimer B) I realize that if this were a real firearm, I'd have the wrong suppressor on there for that particular caliber rifle. Well guess what? This is not a real firearm. This is an Airsoft rifle and I thought it looked cool so go ahead and "shut your mouth when you're talking to me!" (name the movie)

Disclaimer C) I realize that for a proper review, illustrating the way the gun actually looks when you pull it from the box would require me to put the flash hider back on this rifle. BUT, since I opted not to reshoot these pics as noted in Disclaimer A), I didn't have any shots of the rifle in this configuration. Secondly, I was having a heck of a time getting the flash hider to thread properly on the end of the rifle and got impatient, so I said, "Dash it all!" and decided to forego any pictures with the flash hider properly installed.

Alright. That's all the disclaimers I've got for now. The actual review of the Echo1 AMD-65 AK begins after the jump...

Ah good. You made it. Hopefully, I did not scare you off with all that rambling above.
First, I'd like to point out that with the exception of the two pistol grips, this rifle's body is composed entirely of metal. Yes, that's right. A full metal body. I personally don't get too excited when I hear this anymore with the advent of the KWA CQR series rifles or the Elite Force M4 Competition Series rifles which utilize polymer or nylon fiber receivers, yet are no less sturdy, heavy or awesome than many of the full metal rifles out there. HOWEVER, I do like the full metal features of the Echo1 AMD-65.

Second, if you take a look at the image just above these words and then at the one just below them, you'll notice the Echo1 AMD-65 AK has a folding stock, which I dig. Why, you ask? BECAUSE WHO NEEDS A STOCK WHEN YOU SHOOT FROM THE HIP, BABY!?!?!?!

Perhaps one feature that is hard to miss is the presence of that reversed pistol vert grip. Yep, although ever-so-slightly different, they basically took the pistol grip in the back, turned it around and then mounted it underneath the front hand guard. Normally, I don't like using pistol grips as vert grips, but I think it really works well for this rifle, and is actually quite comfortable when wielding.

One thing that my friend the MilSim Junkie pointed out, is that he had some trouble performing his super fancy tactical AK speed reloads because of the location of that vert grip. To be honest, I'm not even on his level of tactical superiority, so I don't really know what he's talking about. But if he says it, I believe it. Make no mistake, you can still reload this thing just fine, just maybe not the super high speed MSJ way.

For those of you avid followers who've been with me for quite some time now (Bless your tactical hearts), you'll know that I hate it when manufacturers don't include a sling mount on their rifles, requiring me to either have to buy one or make one from paracord. Paracord sling attachments are super easy, but still annoying. THEREFORE, you might imagine my delight to find that Echo1 made sure to include front and rear sling attachment points just for me (no doubt, right?).

On the flip-side of the rifle, I've taken the liberty of showing off the markings for the fire selector. They used an "infinity" symbol for full auto and a "1" to signify semi-auto.

Ok, so this thing looks good. But how does it shoot? If I take this thing to an Airsoft game or MilSim OP, am I going to wreck with it or is the rifle going to wreck my sanity from being terrible. Well, after sending quite a few rounds down range, I can honestly say the former is true (I would wreck faces with it). It's very accurate for being un-tuned and right out of the box essentially. Only thing I did was adjust the hop-up, which did not take long. I noticed the consistency from shot to shot right away. Conditions were good, with little windage. I used Elite Force .25g BBs to do my testing. For my official test after a break-in period of about 600 rounds (one full magazine), I performed a 20-round, 25 yard test on semi auto, firing from a stable, sitting position. To save you the work of having to count the number of marks on the target below, I will simply tell you that I went 20 for 20 with the Echo1 AMD-65 at 25 yards on an 8"x8" target. Like I said, outstanding consistency! I didn't even have the sight the rifle in, once I had the hop-up where I wanted it. It was already dialed in. Don't bet on this being the case for yours, but I'm just sayin' it could be possible.

As far as velocities go, the Echo1 AMD-65 sits just where I like it, right around 385 fps with a .20g BB. I did not record each shot velocity, but my shooting Chrony calculated the average velocity over 20 shots to be 386 fps. Air seals didn't seem too bad, based on the relatively small spread between the highest velocity (393 fps) and the lowest velocity (376 fps) measured. If I were to get into the guts of the rifle and add some Teflon Tape in some strategic places, I bet I could get that number down quite a bit.

So, overall, I'm very happy with this rifle. It's got the unique looks and high performance factor that I desire in a rifle. So I'm definitely giving the Echo1 RedStar AMD-65 AK my stamp of approval.

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