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Safe Gun Handlers are Safe Gun Winners

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So I thought for today's installment of my Health and Safety Series exclusively for Airsoft Champions, I figured I'd better cover a topic that should have been covered a long time ago here on the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog.

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Gun Safety Rules and Mindset.

WAIT.  Don't leave.  I know it's not a real exciting subject.  However...  

You can't be an Airsoft Champion if you don't follow the rules of proper gun safety.  

Airsoft Champions don't unintentionally discharge their weapons, muzzle sweep anything worth keeping or take their Airsoft guns (or real ones) out in public places including, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, in the street out in front of their homes, public parks and Airsoft Champions especially do NOT take them to schools (in or out of session).  Lest we not forget SB 798 and SB 1315.

Colonel Jeff Cooper, John Dean Cooper, Father of modern shooting, handgun safety, airsoft gun safety, Health and Safety Series for Airsoft Champions, Pyramyd Airsoft Blog, Tom Harris Media,
Colonel Jeff Cooper, Father of Modern Handgun Shooting Techniques
Source: http://www.sightm1911.com/lib/ccw/training.htm
Used for educational/illustrative purposes

So if you're dying to know what the top four rules are, you should probably read up on a guy generally known as the father of the modern techniques for handgun shooting.  His name would be Colonel John Dean "Jeff" Cooper and even though he passed away in 2006, he remains a big deal in the gun world.  He came up with the following four rules for safe gun handling and mindset: 

1.  "All guns are always loaded," meaning that you should treat them as such at all times, using extreme caution, regardless of gun type.

2.  "Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy."  That'd be the part from above where I mentioned that Airsoft Champions don't muzzle sweep their buddies or their cameramen. Sadly, even Airsoft Bloggers make mistakes, which I will make no excuses for other than I simply need to work on tuning up my mental game further. 

3.  "Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target."  This is essentially the concept of "good trigger discipline," which you will see many trolls make reference to when someone posts a picture or video of themselves or others online showing one of the subjects in the image or video having their finger on the trigger while they are clearly not ready to engage an intended target.

4.  "Identify your target, and what is behind it."  This is a big "mindset" item, meaning that if you don't train your mind to think about this, it becomes less likely that you'll execute this rule effectively when under stressful conditions.  There was recently an unfortunate incident in Texas involving a fairly high profile firearms instructor who unintentionally shot one of his assistant instructors during a CQB training course.  Based on the details that I've read, the shooter had not verified what was beyond his target and the result was catastrophic.  This just goes to show you that no one is immune from making mistakes, so regardless of how much experience you have with guns of any kind, it's still important for you to pay attention to this rules.  You might think this only applies to actual firearms, or real steel, because BBs cannot pass through a human body like a bullet can, but it can also apply to Airsoft because of the potential that you could miss your target and hit something behind it instead.

Note: just because Colonel Cooper was particularly well-known for his handgun shooting techniques does not mean that these rules only apply to handguns or pistols.  They go for rifles as well. 

If I were you, I'd pay real close attention to those rules and work on integrating them into the way that you handle your Airsoft guns.  Establishing a habit of breaking the safety rules for handling Airsoft guns will undoubtedly transfer to breaking the same rules when handling firearms which could have lethal consequences.  Thus the importance of following the rules, regardless of the projectile that your gun expels.

That's all for now.  Stay safe.  Stay sane. Stay thirsty for Airsoft. 


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