Throughout my time as a player, I have used my powers of observation to learn a few things about Airsoft team dynamics.  I've seen what does work.  I've seen what doesn't work.  Today, we'll be discussing a few points concerning the latter.

Check out a few points for what not to do as part of an Airsoft team after the jump...

Do not throw temper tantrums on the field.  Seriously?  You're an adult playing a game.  I admit, that I have been guilty of this in the past and was thoroughly embarrassed afterwards.  I looked like a HUGE idiot, and you will, too.

Physical contact with another player or game admin = MegaFAIL

Do not call other hits for other players.  You just sound like a world-class dummy to others on the field.  Talk to a ref if you have an issue with a player.

Do not claim to have served in the military or achieved a certain paygrade which you have not earned.  Stolen Valor may not be illegal anymore, but it's still a huge no-no in the eyes of many.

Do not get caught up in local politics or petty arguments within your community.  Life is short.  Just play the game.

Do not troll other teams, players or Facebook pages online.  Is that really the best use of your time?

If you have a team consisting primarily of guys with families, don't expect that they're going to be able to put the team first and attend every team event or training.  It's just not reality.

Do not pretend that your own fecal matter does not emit an odor.  Somewhere, somehow, there is some team that is better than you.  Stay humble.  And even if there isn't a team that is better than you...stay humble.

Do not become complacent and think that there is nothing more for you to learn as a group.   While you sit back & think you're "untouchable like Elliot Ness," there are other teams training hard to embarrass you on the field.


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