No, seriously.  I'm going to tell you how I cleaned my KWA HK45 Gas Blowback Pistol today.   
 I can't say that this is the most exciting topic you could be reading about, but here are the cold, hard, ugly, boring facts, my friend: A dirty gun is a dirty no-good-so-and-so.  Sorry, for the offensive language, but a dirty gun is a bad story.  All that fancy Crye, LBT, and/or otherwise AOR1 gear won't mean a whole lot during the game if your gun is too dirty to function.  It will mean a lot in the parking lot and/or staging area of your favorite field though.  

Don't tell Allen over at KWA, but I dropped my KWA HK45 in the worst kind of dirt you can drop an amazing gas blowback gun in.  That fine, almost-silky kind that gets everywhere, in every crevice.  If Allen was reading this right now, he would simply be shaking his head in quiet disgust, his face: expressionless.  So I figured it would be best to clean this beauty up as best as possible. 

If you're curious to know how I went about cleaning my favorite Airsoft pistol, then check it out after the jump.  If you're not interested or even remotely curious, then I apologize, but just know that you have hurt my feelings.
First step, pull the slide back a smidge to line up the cut-out located below the "45" so that you can pop out the slide release.

Money shot.  Slide release & slide removed
(Actually, it's not the money shot.  We still have a ways to go). 
 Not sure if you can see, but there's quite a bit of dirt & dust inside that magwell.  Naturally, it must be removed. 
 What's that?  Super blurry picture of a super dirty hammer?  Yes.  Yes, it is.
 Even the safety switch is now getting stuck when you decock the hammer.  
First things first.  I grabbed a Q-Tip and got to work.   As you can see, there is quite a bit of sludge on those tips.  I forgot to snap a photo of it, but I went through about 5 or 6 Q-Tips before I reached a satisfying level of cleanliness. 
 Not only did I run a Q-Tip all over, up and down those rails & parts, but I shoved a paper towel up through the magwell to clean out all that dirt I showed you earlier.  Same principle as if you were swabbing your inner barrel.  Swab until the paper towel comes out clean. 
 Once everything has been effectively cleaned up & as much dirt & grime has been removed, then add some silicone oil to the areas with moving parts.  I also like to brush on a very thin layer of white lithium grease along the rails of the lower frame and inside the rails on the slide.  I'm not sure if this is entirely necessary, but theoretically, it makes a whole heck of a lot of sense to me so I do it. 
 I also add two drops of the silicone oil into the top of the magazine through the rubber air seal that connects to the loading nozzle.  Then I fill it with green gas and blow through a mag or two to let that oil get distributed through the gun a little bit.  Keep in mind, you'll want to fire a mag or two with BBs in them to clear out the oil that gets onto the hop-up rubber and inside the inner barrel.  Obviously, getting oil on the rubber, which is there to create friction, rather than removing it, is counter-productive.

Now that you've got a clean KWA HK45 GBB Pistol, take it out the field next weekend, play hard and drop it in the dirt again.  Repeat this process, if/when that happens.  Or you could just invest in a good holster and maybe even a pistol retention lanyard so that you don't have to clean your gun nearly as often.  Just a suggestion. 


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