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Image credit: Echo1 USA, used for illustration purposes.
It's finally here!  The Echo1 Rifle Dynamics HMG has been released like an Airsoft Kraken upon the trolls, haters and otherwise opposing forces. 

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Many of you may know this weapon by a different name: the notorious PKM Russian machine gun.  Having the privilege of spending some time with this beauty, thanks to the generosity of Brian Holt, I can tell you that the quality of this beast should be top notch.  While it's no secret that Echo1 partnered with A&K to produce the Rifle Dynamics HMG, for those not stuck in the past and with their head stuck up in "dark places," you would already know that Echo1 takes a stock gun and adds their own enhancements, upgrades and/or personal touches on it.

Perhaps the most obvious enhancement to the Echo1 version over the A&K version is the presence is legitimate licensing by famed American AK builder, Rifle Dynamics.  So you're likely to see some nice (and legal) trademarks on the Echo1 HMG. 
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This logo is a registered trademark of Rifle Dynamics.
Other, more inconspicuous enhancements that Echo1 typically does, include beefing up the internal parts of the gearbox and hop-up, including a battery and charger, and sometimes they even include a case for the gun to be transported safely, though not the case with the HMG (see what I did there?). With Pyramyd Air being pretty much a full-line dealer of Echo1 products, I wouldn't be shocked to see it listed in their machine guns section soon.  So keep an eye out for that. 

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