New for 2013 is a unique and somewhat controversial item, the Elite Force EF 2013 Speed Loader.  This is no ordinary speed loader, as you can see below.
This is a speed loader on HGH (Heavy Gun Hormones). 

Certainly an unconventional size and design, the EF 2013 is said to be able to load your mid-cap mags 40 rounds at a time.  According to the image above, there will be magwell adapters to fit the most common platforms currently available like the M4/M16, M14, G36, MP5 & AK47 mags. 

Read more & watch a demo video of how this speedloader works after the jump...

So here is a little demo from Andy Green about how this speed loader actually works:

I'm sure you noticed the physical size of this beast in relation to Andy and that it was fairly large.  From what I've seen so far, there are a few idiots out there who don't seem to understand that this was not really designed for you to take into the field with you.  This is a tool that you would keep with your stuff in the staging area so that during those quick, 5-minute breaks in between games, you can reload all your mags in time before it's time to get back out on the field.  I've personally experienced a number of times where I did not have enough time to reload my mags during the break and also have time to address any other needs I might have for my guns or gear.  So yes, while this thing looks really weird and is pretty large, I do see it as a useful tool as long as you understand its true purpose. 

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