If you're one of my two or three regular readers, you'll probably recall my predictions for the Red Jacket Firearms branded Airsoft guns that I thought we might see from Elite Force.  Well, looks like I wasn't too far off the beaten trail at all (Yes, I just tooted my own horn). 

At this year's Shot Show 2013, Elite Force unveiled their upcoming line of licensed Red Jacket Firearms Airsoft guns, starting with the Red Jacket 1911.

Check out the other Red Jacket Firearms models to be released later this year from Elite Force after the jump.

Red Jacket Firearms M4 from Elite Force, scheduled for a mid-year release.

Red Jacket Firearms AK from Elite Force, schedule for a mid-year release.

If any of you are like me, you were probably hoping to see the Red Jacket Firearms AK with the rail system and the integral suppressor and when you didn't see it, you were probably feeling like Elite Force and RJF really let you down.  WELL FEAR NOT!  The RJF integrally suppressed airsoft AK from Elite Force is also in the works.  They just didn't have a prototype available to see at the show.  I have it on good authority from both Elite Force AND Red Jacket Firearms that this is going to happen, possibly this year. 

I suppose it wouldn't hurt to stop by their Facebook pages and blow them up with comments politely requesting that they get their act together and get this rifle out to us ASAP or ELSE!

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