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Yes, I know this guy is Coast Guard, not SWAT or an assassin.
I just wanted to illustrate the type of kit I was going for here, and
in hindsight, this was not the best image to use, but it was one of
very few choices in my Google search results that allowed
commercial use.

 *Note: this article was written all in good fun.  If you can't see that, you're wrong and you're gonna have a bad time.  Fair warning.*

I noticed a few new additions to Pyramyd Air's website and as I thought more about it, I decided that I wanted to write about creating an assassin/black ops/clandestine mission/spy loadout.  Not Black Ops, as it refers to the video game, but the black ops from which the video game's name was inspired.  The kind where the lone assailant, possibly CIA, possibly Treadstone, possibly IMF, possibly MI6, possibly something cool that I don't even know about, wears the all black kit, and goes out into the dead of night to send a few unholy souls back to their maker all quiet-like.    I suppose, minus the assassination missions, this could also be perceived as a loadout inspired by special law enforcement taskforce units like SWAT or that special Coast Guard unit guy to the left, who typically wear all-black or dark blue kits.

Why am I talking about this today?  I will be perfectly honest with you.  I love the high-speed operator loadouts, with tons of AOR1/AOR2/Multicam/OD/FDE gear, but there are some things you can do with black kit that can be pretty awesome, too.  I'm an equal opportunity loadout lover.

This is really more of a kit that you'd wear for CQB, especially if you're not part of a larger team with a set uniform standard already in place, unless that uniform has been established as an all-black kit.  This kit would obviously not be super appropriate, nor even allowed in some cases, at an outdoor, MilSim event at a MOUT facility or elsewhere, for example.  This is also not an attempt to do an accurate impression of any sort of agency operator, more of a kit inspired by all the spy/assassin movies I've seen over the course of my 29+ years on this planet. I'm going to play the part of assassin expert despite having zero qualifications for doing so because there is no way that you can stop me. 

To see my list of stealth assassin loadout items, click this link to take the jump.

We'll go from feet to head, or at least sort of in that order. 

For starters, looking at the feet: obviously, get yourself some black boots.  Everyone has their preferences and I certainly have mine.  I personally wear 5.11 ATAC Side-Zip boots in black normally, so those are what I'd wear for this.

Socks: If you wanna take this kit to the max, you should probably grab some black socks.

Pants:  A durable, black cargo tactical pant will do.  While there are certainly some less expensive options out there, I again, go with a 5.11 option, namely the TDU Ripstop pant because that one pair of pants will last me several years of heavy abuse, thereby justifying the slightly higher than average cost of a pair of tac pants.

Belt: White or pink is the way to go here.  Wrong.  Obviously, this is a black kit.  I'm not even sure I should have to specify the color unless it is something OTHER THAN black.

Shirt: As it turns out, 5.11 makes a TDU Ripstop shirt to go with their pants.  Convenient, no?

Gloves: Black.  Nuff said.

At the end of the day, you need to choose a vest setup that works best for you and your individual performance requisites.  If you're just starting out in Airsoft, the quickest, easiest and most afforable way to get yourself a full vest setup is to buy a pre-built rig.  Here are two options that get you the vest, plus a bunch of different pouches, a pistol holster AND a load-bearing belt.
UTG Tactical Vest - Black

If you prefer having your holster separate from your vest, here's a thigh holster that fits most pistols.
UTG Special Ops Thigh Holster

Single-point sling is the way to go for this mission:
UTG Single-Point Sling

Pistol Case: Any super classy assassin is likely going to have the aluminum gun case.  Since you need to transport your airsoft guns in a case to and from the airsoft field anyway, this is sort of a no-brainer.  Here's one for your pistol. 
Air Venturi Aluminum Pistol Case

Rifle Case: If aluminum is too flashy for your tastes, here's a great hard case for your primary from Plano. 
Plano All Weather (AW) Rifle Case - Black

Mock suppressors.  When it comes to clandestine assassin missions, stealth is the name of the game.  What do you think all this black stuff is for?  Naturally, you're going to want to add a mock suppressor to your gun to add to the impression.  While these mock suppressors are non-functional, they add a lot to the look of your loadout, which is more important than being a good player. ;-)

Since I love suppressors, both real and fake, I've listed a few different options for you.  
Madbull Gemtech Trinity Mock Suppressor - Rifle/SMG

Madbull Gemtech G5 Mock Suppressor - Rifle/SMG

Madbull Whisper .45 1911 Mock Suppressor

This is one area you can take in multiple directions.  Some people just roll out with a balaclava and dark eye pro.  Others go with a full mask, while even others go with a helmet + eye pro.  Any way you slice it, you're gonna win!

Helmet: Obviously, this needz moar black!  Good news is, black matte spray paint is usually $3-$6 at your local hardware store. 
King Tactical Future Assault Shell Tech IBH Helmet

You'll notice that helmet has a Wilcox-style night vision mount baseplate on it.  Well what good is that if you don't have any night vision?  

Newcon PVS7 Night Vision Goggles

Yukon Head-Mounted Night Vision Monocular

Ok, so I'm being a little ridiculous there, but I'm only half-joking.  If I had the cash, I would definitely pick up a pair of those PVS7s to play with at night.

Alright.  Enough about gear.  What about the guns?  One gun I am particular fond of, and I think would make a fantastic assassin/spy/cqb gun is the brand new Elite Force HK416C by VFC

Another clear cut choice for a primary is the KWA KRISS Vector.
The exotic look, combined with the black exterior alone make this a winner.  Then you add the fact that it's insanely accurate and now you've got icing for your cake, if you catch my metaphor there.
There are a number of options you can go with for a pistol and there really isn't a right or a wrong.  There is only Airsoft.  Here are a few of my top choices for this particular loadout.

If you want to go for that Agent 47/Hitman flash, you go with the Chrome'd out Chrome 1911 from WE, plain and simple.

If you dig the 1911, but want the stealth black version, there are very few, if any, better choices than the Elite Force 1911 CO2 GBB Pistol.  

Then there is the H&K USP  GBB Pistol from KWA.  If the USP was good enough for Treadstone's Jason Bourne, it's probably good enough for you.  

The Walther P99.  Sadly, this little beauty gets almost no love in the Airsoft world.  I've personally handled this gun and can tell you that it's extremely nice.  Not just a collector's piece.  It'll perform for you like a true German champion.  Great option for your 007/MI6 loadout.  

If if you REALLY want to take your impression to the next level, grab yourself the ultra cool UTG Brass Shell Catcher for your AR-style rifle.

This only has practical functionality when used on a real firearm, but if you really want to look the part of a stealth assassin who leaves no trace behind, you'll add this to your gun.

If you don't know what this is designed to do, I'll tell you now.  Just as the name suggests, this is a mesh bag that catches the spent brass shells that your AR15 rifle spits out after it's fired the bullet.  The standard use for this bag, at least in the civilian world, is simply to avoid the hassle of having to clean up your brass if you're shooting at a range or some other area where you're required to do so.  It's also good if you like to reload your own ammunition, in which case, you'll want to save as much spent brass as you can so that you can use them again.  In the stealth assassin world, it would still be used to catch the brass, but rather than simply for the purpose of cleaning up, it's to prevent the authorities or anyone else from being able to trace your spent shells back to you at the scene of the assassination you've just carried out as a super spy. Of course, if you truly are a world class assassin, you'd probably be smart enough to wear rubber gloves when handling your ammunition to avoid leaving traceable fingerprints on your shells, but that little reality check takes away the fun and excitement from the idea of this item, so we're going to ignore it for now. 

Inspiration: Flashbang Magazine
Yea.  This is a brand new magazine and it's a very special one.  It was created by a tactical photographer (BigDomPhoto on Facebook) who goes around the world photographing elite law enforcement & military units looking cool and doing cool stuff with cool guns & cool gear.  It's probably the best resource to help you get inspiration for your stealth assassin/SWAT/spy/stealth loadout. 

Of course, if you want to be a true stealth operator, you'll need to know all the fancy techniques of operating like an invisible operator, which has less to do with guns & gear and more to do with actual skillz, but again, that is besides the point here and as everyone knows when it comes to airsoft, as long as you look the part, it is assumed that you can act the part as well.  No actual skillz required.  

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