The world-famous MilSim Junkie was off chasing waterfalls or something, so the I decided to step in and grab some airsoft war footage while I was hanging out at CQB City up in Stockton, California a couple weeks ago.  However, all respect must be given to the MSJ, because putting together a quality airsoft war video is not as easy as he makes it seem.  There is really no substitute for his gameplay capturing wizardry.  

Due to a series of unfortunate injuries, including a recurring shoulder dislocation problem stemming from an outing last summer while the MilSim Junkie was visiting me in Southern California, I have been limited to working behind the camera while my buddies, Dave, Todd & Luke got to tear it up on the field. Dave was using his Elite Force HK416 CQB AEG with a giant Surefire tac light while my brother, Todd, ran around The City with my Elite Force HK417, which has been downgraded for CQB use. Luke, on the other hand, went with his self-built, fully customized Magpul stubby CQB destoyer with a Speed Trigger and a Gen 2 ASCU MOSFET trigger unit.

If you're in the market for a top-of-the-line Airsoft AEG, you really need to look no further than the Elite Force HK416 or HK417.  If you've already got either of those, but are in need of extra mags, I have your solution:
Extra mags for the Elite Force HK416 AEG
Extra mags for the Elite Force HK417 AEG - 100-rd Mid-Cap
Extra mags for the Elite Force HK417 AEG - 500-rd High-Cap

Here is the video, I do sincerely hope that it brings you joy and harmonious Airsoft love.

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