I don't know, really. I'm not a mind reader. What I do know is that KWA is still alive and kicking. For those of you that don't know, at the beginning of this year, Umarex took over the distribution responsibilities for all licensed HK products manufactured by KWA. I don't know the exact details, but what I do know is that it wasn't good for KWA. Then, just the other day, there was a flurry of Facebook posts from several key KWA employees announcing their departure from the US-based division of the company, followed a few days shortly thereafter by the press release from KRISS stating the company has decided to terminate its licensing agreement with KWA for the KRISS Vector and any future projects they may or may not have been working on. Another huge blow and not the good kind either.

So after a week or two of speculating among friends, I finally called KWA and demanded answers about just what the actual was going on and whether or not we'd seen the last or KWA or not. I was assured that it's all good in the hood. KWA is gonna keep on truckin' and has plans to release a few guns very soon.

The first one set for release is said to be the KWA ATP Auto. That's right. A full auto version of the original Adaptive Training Pistol. This one could hit your faces as early as next month.

Next on the priority list is said to be the KWA AKG74 GBBR. This one I'm particularly interested in because I love me some KWA gas blowback rifles, and the AKG74 will mark the first AK gas blowback rifle in their line-up. I've spent quite a bit of time with the various prototypes along the life of their development and I'm certain this will be another fine piece from their product line.

I did, of course, ask about the status of the KWA ERGs ( Electric Recoil Guns), which appeared as if they were about to be launched soon after Shot Show this year, but it does not appear that they're going to be here within the next few months, sadly.

As far as any other guns they're working on, I'm sure they've got stuff they're working on behind closed doors.

For now, just know that they may be staying quiet about all this legal mumbo jumbo, but they haven't gone dark.

As for the KWA KRISS Vector. It sounds as if it may have just become a limited edition item, so you may want to expedite the purchase of yours before they go the way of the Dodo Bird (extinct, you Dodo).


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