So Popular Airsoft has put together the 1st Annual Airsoft Players' Choice Awards. The Pyramyd Airsoft Blog, a blog which I write for Pyramyd Air, was among the top 5 nominees for the Best English Language Airsoft Blog in 2010. I have to say that I'm extremely flattered and very surprised that the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog was even nominated considering not only how new it is but also because I sometimes forget to put on deodorant before sweating it out on the Airsoft field. This, of course, makes me smell like rotting onions and usually results in me not being allowed to come within 30 feet of other players during the pre-game briefing huddles. Anywho...I need your help!

Now that I've been nominated,
I would like to win.

("If you give a mouse a cookie...")

So if you think my blog is better than the other four options, then I would really appreciate your vote. Notice that I didn't say you had to think I was the best English Language Airsoft Blog that there is or ever was, just the best of the 5 blogs nominated for that category. I realize that I'm up against some very tough competition, especially with the Thumpmaster (whom I hold in high regard) in the mix, but I refuse to give up hope.

The link to the Popular Airsoft Page explaining this a bit more in detail is below, as well as a direct link to the survey itself (The Pyramyd Airsoft Blog is in category #8, Best English Language Airsoft Blog). I'd also like to point out that two good friends of the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog & Airsoft-Obsessed.com were nominated as well. Carp, over at CQBRadio, and Ben Noji of PolarStar Airsoft, who distributes EdGI Precision Inner Barrels, each deserve a win in their respective categories. Both individuals put out an phenomenal product and service.

Thanks for your support, readers.  I freakin' love* you. I really do.

Each and every one of you is my favorite. Trust me, it's possible.

*But regarding that love I just spoke of, I do not love you more than Airsoft. I, like my mother, like to let people know where they stand and it's not always pleasant to hear, but that's how I roll. I'm sure you understand.

But seriously, peeps, Vote for the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog!!! If you do, you will look extra high speed to all your buddies both on and off the Airsoft field and you'll likely attract more women. Some of them may be "heavy-duty cuties", but you gotta slay a few dragons to get to the princess.
5...4...3...2...1...Do it.
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