While I was visiting the SS Airsoft CQB Facility for their 2 Year Anniversary Extravaganza at the end of March this year, I sat down for a one-to-one chat with "Walker, Georgia Ranger," who is one of the stars of the SS Airsoft CQB YouTube Channel.  Walker asks some tough questions of me during the interview, which was pretty ballsy considering the fact that I was wielding his Elite Force 1911 CO2 Pistol (which also happened to have a Mad Bull Whisper .45ACP Mock Suppressor Attached), during the entire interview.  

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The Aftermath CZ75D is a pretty sweet little CO2 pistol that is easy on the eyes AND on your budget.  I thought I'd give you a glimpse of how this thing chronos and also provide you with a few tips on operating the gun.  Check out the video after the jump...

So here we have the Aftermath CZ75D CO2 Airsoft Blowback Pistol as my Airsoft review for today.  It'll be part of a small series of blogs featuring this gun.  I'll be testing the performance in another post here on the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog. 

Gun: Aftermath CZ75D CO2 Airsoft Blowback Pistol, Min Pin Model: General Beauregard
Tom Harris for the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog

Gun: Aftermath CZ75D CO2 Airsoft Blowback Pistol,
Min Pin Model: Sophie
Tom Harris for the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog

Gun: Aftermath CZ75D CO2 Airsoft Blowback Pistol,
Min Pin Model: Violet
Tom Harris for the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog

My Miniature Pinschers seem to be pretty comfortable with it.  Must mean it's a pretty good gun.  They refuse to have their photos taken with lame guns.

Check out the Aftermath CZ75 review with tons of pictures after the jump...

My homies, Cliff & Andy over at Elite Force Airsoft have released a sneak peak at their new M1911 Gas Blowback Pistol.  There have been contentions on the Elite Force Facebook page that this is just another WE rebrand.  Well, sports fans, while I have yet to confirm anything with Elite Force officially, I did receive some reliable intel a few months back that Elite Force was partnering up with a rather unexpected, but legitimate & well-known manufacturer to handle this project.

Check out the new Elite Force 1911 after the jump...