I am writing this blog not only because my own lower-face mesh mask came unglued after I left it in my car during a hot summer day in the high desert of Southern California, but because I know several other people who have also had similar issues with their masks. Not to sound like a cheap-skate, but I can't say I was too interested in shelling out another $20 bucks for a new mask, so I decided to see about just fixing the one I had.  I was very glad about my decision in the end.
Lower-face mesh mask
Photo by Tom Harris for the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog
*I added an asterisk in the title of this post because if you don't have the correct tool(s) already for this procedure, then it would not technically be free for you.  This is assuming you already have something that would work. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Airsoft Face Masks - Airsoft Health & Safety

Airsoft Health and Safety - Airsoft Eye Protection
Source: sporting-goods-online.com

So remember when you were first learning to ride a bike or rollerblade and your parents made you wear that really annoying and super extra geeky protective gear like the white hardened stryofoam helmet or wrist guards & such?  Or was that only me? Well, anyway, just go with me on this.

When it comes to Airsoft, there are certain must-have pieces of equipment.  Obviously, you need an Airsoft gun or two, a battery or green gas to power the gun, BBs to shoot and last but certainly not least, Eye protection.  Just like wearing a helmet on a bike, you gotta wear eye protection, at a minimum.  So rather than wearing some nerdy looking face mask that just gets you made fun of by all your Airsoft buddies at the field, the people at Save Phace decided to do you a favor and combine the benefits of full face protection with some badass designs so that you don't have to feel embarrassed about how you look in your Airsoft protective gear out on the field.

Check out a ton of Save Phace Airsoft Mask Designs after the jump...