For anyone who knows me personally in the local Airsoft scene, it's pretty safe to assume that I'm going to bring a ton of stuff with me whenever I go to a game.  I HATE getting to a game and being without something that I end up needing, so I bring a lot of stuff to avoid that.  I don't recommend this approach.  However, it HAS justified itself on a number of occasions where either teammates or I got into a situation where we needed a specific item that I happened to have brought with me, whether it be a special tool or CO2 cartridges for Thunder B Sound Flash Grenades, chances are, I've got it.

So as I was combing my tactical beard this evening, in preparation for an epic 2-Day Airsoft game (OP: Final Option) up in Fresno, CA, I was mentally going over my checklist of things that I need to bring with me to the all-weekend event.  So I thought I might share my checklist for this weekend with you here, in case you were in need of ideas on what to bring with you to your big game.  Keep in mind, everyone's list is going to be different, and I'm not saying my list is, like, the super best most tactically legit list there is, but it should give you an idea of things to plan for during a 2-day Airsoft OP where you're camping out at the field.  This is also a list made for weather that tends to be pretty cold, but not snow/ice temperatures. So several items would be unnecessary for warmer temperatures.

- 5.11 Rapid Assault Shirt
- 5.11 Ripstop TDUs
- 5.11 OD Belt
- 5.11 8" ATAC Side-Zip Water-Resistant Boots
- 5.11 Sabre Jacket 2.0 - OD
- Voodoo Tactical High Mobility Plate Carrier/
- 1x5.11 VTAC Double-Stack Double M4 Mag Pouch
- 1x5.11 VTAC Double-Stack Single M4 Mag Pouch
- 5.11 Hard Time Hard-Knuckle Gloves
- Paracord Bracelet - Cobra Weave
- OD Shemagh
- ESS Profile Turbofan Goggles for eye protection
- King Arms IBH Helmet - OD
- 3xSocks
- 3xSkivvies
- ICOM Radio & Headset
- Map of field
- Compass (the field is 1 square mile of raw private land, so yea, the compass is not a wild notion in this instance)
- Chem-Light for night game
- ITT Night Vision Monocular for night game
- Tac Light for primary weapon
- 5.11 C.A.M.S. Bag to "Carry All My Stuff."  See what I did there?  

Camping/Staging Area Gear:
- 6-Foot Folding Table
- EZ-Up Instant Shelter Tent
- Folding Chair
- Tool Box
- Camera
- Tri-pod
- Battery Charger
- AC Car Inverter Outlet
- Phone Charger
- ICOM Radio charger
- Camping Tent
- Ground tarp to go underneath tent
- Toilet paper for combat dumps
- Super warm sleeping bag & pillow
- Fleece beanie (5.11 Watch Cap) to reduce body heat escaping via my head during sleep
- Air mattress because I'm sensitive
- Camping Stove
- Food to cook
- Utensils for eating & cooking
- Snacks that don't require cooking
- Water.
- Water.
- Gatorade G2
- Water.
- Water bottle
- Protein powder (or protein bar or shake) to repair my bulging, yet damaged muscle tissue.

- PolarStar PR-25

- Echo1 M240 Bravo Machine Gun

- VFC M4

- Elite Force Competition Series M4

- Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 Gas Blowback Pistol

- Tokyo Marui Mk23 USSOCOM Non-blowback Pistol

Granted, I've got a lot more stuff listed than what I've illustrated to you in the photos, but you can start to get an idea of how things can really pile up. So don't judge me.  I'm sure I've probably forgotten a few things as well, but I've still got time to remember before I depart for my trip.

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