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SC Viper Airsoft MOUT Facility - Chino, CA
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My battle buddy, Dave B from the Airsoft Report, & I, along with few of our friends engaged numerous enemy targets a few months ago during an Airsoft war game held at SC Viper in Chino, California. I was using the KWA M4 CQR MOD2, available at Pyramyd Air.  Dave, on the other hand, combined his love for Russian stuff and Magpul stuff and ran his Beta Project Magpul AK. 

Check out the airsoft action video after the jump...

Team Rainbow & Team Infidel were paired up against Team Threat & Tominator's Team Tomination on the new Supply Depot field at SC Village in Chino, CA. My weapon of choice was the illustrious Echo1 M240 Bravo machine gun, while Trent F. Warren went the more subtle route with the KWA CQR Mod2 AEG. This video contains footage from game 3 of a four-part match.
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Firing the A&K M60VN Machine Gun at the new Supply Depot Airsoft Field at SC Village
Tom Harris for the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog
Trent "F." Warren, Jake "the Box Mag Beast" Marty & I, Tominatorus Maximus, all got the chance to go up against Team Threat in a 3-on-3 match to test the layout of the new Supply Depot field at SC Village in Southern California.  They were a very good and very honorable team to play against, which made the experience that much more fun.

The Supply Depot can be used as a stand-alone field to play games, or it can be used as an extension of the world-famous SC Viper Airsoft MOUT field.  Here is the Airsoft action footage, featuring me killing and being killed while using the A&K M60VN Machine Gun in a CQB environment.  SPOILER ALERT: This gun was insanely accurate and should be noted when looking over the other blogs in the review series I wrote on the A&K M60VN Machine Gun.

Check out the M60VN tearing up the Supply Depot after the jump...

As you may already be aware, I went out to the SC Viper MOUT facility last weekend and brought my homies with me.  I opted to run the A&K M60VN Machine Gun most of the day and I'm very glad I did.  It was a lot of fun.  Hadn't used it in awhile and had forgotten just how well I had tuned it up since the last time I discussed the M60VN here on the blog.

The bad guys weren't so happy about how well I did though.  I'm not even gonna be humble about it.

Check out the Airsoft action video featuring the M60VN Machine Gun after the jump...

It's been a long day. So I don't have much to report other than later today (it's 2:20 AM & I'm still up), there's going to be some incredible Airsoft games going down.

I had my brother-in-law set his GoPro on top of our truck as soon as we arrived and take a time-lapse video of the sunset and campsite. Why not, right?

Check out the Route 66 campground time-lapse video after the jump...

Last weekend, my brother-in-law, Jordan, wanted to test out his new GoPro HD helmet cam, so I gave him the new M4A1 AEG I got from Elite Force and told him to take it out to our favorite Airsoft CQB arena here in Southern California to get some footage of the gun in action to see how it performs.  Turns out, the gun performs pretty well, the camera performs pretty well and Jordan?  Well, Jordan just pwns the crap out of the other team! Combine all three and you've got a pretty phenomenal Airsoft POV HD Cam Video.

Watch Jordan do a BUNCH of winning with the Elite Force M4A1 in HD after the jump...