I literally just received an email with the deets on the new AEG that Echo1 has been hinting at over the last few days. Some of you may have seen the picture of a dismantled AEG sitting on Brian Holt's workbench on some of the news sites out there and there has been speculation that it was just another G36 or something.

Brian Holt Echo1, Echo1 USA Tech, New Airsoft AEG Prototype, Modular Tactical Carbine, Echo1 MTC AEG, Pyramyd Airsoft Blog, Tom Harris Media
Brand New Echo1 Modular Tactical Carbine Airsoft AEG
Photo by Echo1 USA
Pyramyd Airsoft Blog

Well, this new Echo1 airsoft gun definitely has some G36-ness in it, but that's not all. Check out the new Pyramyd Airsoft Facebook page to check out the unique new concept my homies at E1 have come up with...

I happened to come across an opportunity to get a hands-on introduction to the new ATAC Flashlights from 5.11 Tactical two weeks ago and luckily I had my camera with me like a good little Pyramyd Airsoft Blogger.  So I snapped off a shot (with permission) of the five new torches from my favorite tactical gear company.  They are not the final production models, so some features (form or function) may change between the time this photo was taken and the time they are released for sale to the public.

I am told from a most reliable source that at the time I took the photograph, this was one of less than five sets in the world.  Talk about bein' at the right tactical place at the right tactical time!  WOW!

Check out the new 5.11 ATAC Flashlights after the jump...

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KWA Prototype Tokarev TKV-33 Airsoft GBB Pistol
Copyright: Bakholdin Photography for the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog
Hello and good day to you, fair Pyramyd Airsoft Blog reader. Today's article on the KWA TKV-33 prototype Tokarev gas blowback pistol was made possible by a generous donation of time and gas money from a very good friend and Airsoft/Photography mentor, Dave Bakholdin Photography.

He did so in hopes that the three of you who read my ramblings here might have something enjoyable to look at while you wrap up your Friday and get ready for (hopefully) a weekend full of playing Airsoft rather than sort through a seemingly endless slough of my sometimes-boring words.

Also, a special thanks to KWA Performance Industries, Inc. for allowing Dave and I to visit them back in July (July 12th, to be precise).

Just to give you an over view of the fun we had while shooting guns (with a camera, not with our trigger fingers), here's a shot of all the KWA guns they had waiting for us to oggle over...

That'd be me, Tom Harris, getting my mind blown by all the awesome KWA guns, including the TKV-33, laying before me in the KWA board room/photostudio.
Copyright: Dave Bakholdin Photography for the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog

See? Mind definitely blown.
Copyright: Dave Bakholdin Photography for the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog 
Click to see all the close-ups of something not so harsh on the eyes (The KWA TKV-33 Prototype) after the jump. 

The Echo1 GAT AEG
A Second Update

Echo1 GAT AEG, New Airsoft Prototypes, 5.11 Tactical TDUs, 5.11 Tactical Series, ESS Turbofan Goggles, King Arms IBH Helmet, Airsoft TEC-9, Airsoft TEC9, Intratec TEC-DC9, Interdynamic KG-9, Airsoft Assault Pistol, Airsoft Submachine Gun, Airsoft Submachine Pistol, Pyramyd Airsoft Blog, Tom Harris Airsoft
Echo1 GAT AEG Photo taken by: Chris Dellosa, Post-Production: Tom Harris

I got to hang out with the Echo1 GAT AEG again recently and I thought I'd share a few things about it here on the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog. I'm certainly intrigued by this popular, yet elusive Airsoft handgun.  Yes.  I said handgun (and Airsoft, too!).  In case you missed it the first time I reported on the GAT, check out my Shot Show 2011 update here
Echo1 GAT AEG, New Airsoft Prototypes, Airsoft TEC-9, Airsoft TEC9, Intratec TEC-DC9, Interdynamic KG-9, Airsoft Assault Pistol, Airsoft Submachine Gun, Airsoft Submachine Pistol, Pyramyd Airsoft Blog, Tom Harris Airsoft
The Real Steel KG-9, Image Credit: Modern Firearms Encyclopedia
The real steel version of the Echo1 GAT AEG is the TEC-DC9, more notoriously referred to as simply the TEC-9 (It was one of the few firearms specifically banned by name in the Federal Assault Weapons Ban.  The TEC-9 was produced by Swedish firearms manufacturer, Interdynamic (who would later become Intratec), and is classifed by our friends the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) as a semi-automatic handgun or pistol.  It is NOT a fully automatic submachine gun, like I had initially thought.  Oh, what's that?  You already knew it was a technically a handgun but you didn't tell me because you were enjoying your sense of superiority in the knowledge department?  You smug turd.  Help a brother out next time, would you.  I feel like my whole world has turned upside down.  Apparently, thugs and other delinquents have modified their TEC-9s to fire in full-auto mode, but this is highly illegal, so I certainly wouldn't condone anyone do that.  Anyway, Intratec was run by a dude named, George Kellgren, who may or may not be Swedish and would eventually leave Intratec and start a new firearms manufacturing company whom some of you may be familiar with: Kel-Tec CNC Industries, Inc.  It seems that name is not just a random string of hyphenated alphabetic characters after all, is it?  Oh, you already knew that, too?  Well, darnit! Just sit tight then.  I've got a BUNCH of things to share with you after the jump, some of which I KNOW that you don't already know.  So check it!


Trust me, I've already given Michael Hou a ration of shizzle for forgetting failing to mention the upcoming release of the UMAREX-Licensed, KWA HK45 USP-Based Gas Blowback Pistol while Dave Bakholdin & I were hanging out ALL DAY at KWA last week, taking pictures of their new 2011 Airsoft guns.  He loves to play these kinds of pranks on me.  Anyway, check out the KWA HK45 video that Mr. Allen P. Lizard (Allizard) of KWA just uploaded on his YouTube page...

I'll be honest: I was super stoked for THIS Airsoft gas blowback pistol to be released in August, but now I'm questioning my loyalty to it with the news of the new HK45.

As legit as I believe the KWA ATP will be, it already seems like the old & boring S.O. and the KWA HK45 is like the hot young 20-something brunette (with highlights) who's fresh with vibrant energy and a belief in trying anything once.

I think the HK45 GBB Pistol is going to be an absolutely delectable choice for the serious Mil-Sim player looking for a reliable sidearm to take out to the field with them.  Of course, I could be wrong.  It could be complete garbage.  But with KWA's pretty outstanding reputation in the Airsoft & Professional Training industries, the chances of this Airsoft gas blowback pistol being anything less than stupendous is considerably low.  


THE KWA M945 COMPACT NS2 Gas Blowback Pistol
KWA 945 Compact, Airsoft Gas Blowback Guns, Airsoft GBB Pistol, KWA Prototype, Pyramyd Airsoft Blog, Bakholdin Photography, Airsoft Squared Social Network,

Another gem from KWA's unreleased collection of superior Airsoft guns is the KWA M945 Compact GBB pistol.  It's a 1911-based gas blowback pistol.  I wasn't too wild about this particular model when I saw it at Shot Show back in January of this year, but that was mainly because it was over-shadowed by all the buzz about the KWA KRISS Vector and the updated H&K licensing for KWA's USP series, courtesy of Umarex.  However, after spending some one on one time with the M945 in KWA's conference war room, Dave & I were both taken aback by its tiny glory.  Who's Dave, you say?  Oh, well he's the guy who took these sweet photos for me.  Check out more photos and some new teaser videos from Airsoft Squared after the jump... 

Click Here for the Rest of the KWA M945 Compact Photos

More Damage From Using a CO2 Magazine with the 
WE Hi-Capa 5.1R Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol

we hi-capa 5.1R, WE Hi-Capa Upgrade Tutorial, WE Hi-Capa Repair tutorial, WE Hi-Capa CO2 Compatible Gas Blowback Pistol, Airsoft Guns, Pyramyd Airsoft Blog,
Loading nozzle #2 for the WE Hi-Capa 5.1R did not fair too well.  Can you spot the damage?

I tried chronographing the airsoft gas blowback pistol with a new nozzle installed because I broke the first one while firing the airsoft gun using CO2.  Here are the gruesome results from the first test in case you missed it...WE Hi-Capa 5.1 CO2 Gas Magazine Test
During the most recent test firing, the nozzle broke within five shots of switching from green gas to CO2 and then proceeded to cause the slide to get jammed quite well, making it rather difficult to release.

I think I'm pretty much ready to go on record that while it is a great option for an Airsoft gas blowback pistol, the WE Hi-Capa 5.1R is NOT CO2-compatible as the manufacturer would love to claim. The stock loading muzzle is made of plastic and simply cannot withstand the stress from the increased pressure created by using CO2. I have seen a metal loading muzzle floating around the web, so I may try to look into that, but for the time being, guess who's gonna be sticking to green gas in his Airsoft sidearms? Hint: he's tall, bald and writes the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog.

Speaking of hints and/or teasers, check the photo I've got posted after the jump for a hint of a one-of-a-kind new Airsoft AEG for 2011 that I know many of you have been wondering about.  PLUS, I've got a teaser trailer for the new Airsoft Squared social networking community.

Click here to see the Airsoft photo & video teasers.

New Airsoft Gun Release (Coming VERY Soon): 
KWA Mk23 SOCOM, KWA airsoft guns, KWA gas blowback, GBB, Navy SEALs, Guns Navy SEALS use, Navy SEALs weapons, airsoft special operations command, airsoft gas blowback guns, Pyramyd Airsoft Blog,
The new KWA H&K MK23 USSOCOM Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol
New "Hard Time" Tactical Gloves by 5.11 Tactical Series

The KWA MK23 USSOCOM Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol featured in this blog is a prototype. Any and all final versions sold by Pyramyd Air will be shipped with Federally compliant blaze orange tips. With all the madness of SB 798 still afoot, I'd suggest leaving those orange tips alone for *hopefully* obvious reasons.

The KWA Sign in the lobby at corporate headquarters
As fate would have it, the new KWA H&K MK23 USSOCOM airsoft gas blowback pistol has made it on to my exclusive "Must-Have" Airsoft guns list.  It's certainly not the first KWA to make that list, though.  You may have noticed that the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog was a bit quiet last week and I do apologize but I am pretty sure I can make it up to you.  I spent the better part of last week hanging out with a bunch of new guns from a bunch of Airsoft manufacturers (brands).  Naturally, I couldn't just keep the details of those new guns to myself, so I made sure that plenty of photos were taken to document this monstrous wave of new stuff.  KWA had so many guns, that I enlisted the help of my favorite Russian Airsoft photographer, Dave Bakholdin of Bakholdin Photography.  Together, we spent the better part of last Tuesday snapping photos over at KWA USA headquarters in smoggy & occassionally foggy, Southern California.  While we were there, I desperately tried to pry as much super secret information about the coveted KRISS Vector Airsoft SMG & any other new KWA goodies on the horizon from of KWA Superstars, Allen Lau & Michael Hou.  However, they were very "vault-like" (like...the state-of-the-art extra-locked kind).  Allen actually asked me if I'd like the opportunity to avoid a hammer fist to the temple if I would stop asking questions about KWA's classified intel.  Just kidding, but I think he secretly wanted to.  Truth be told, Allen & Mike could not have been nicer to us and even gave me a quick tour of the premises at the end of the day.   It was a surreal thing to experience hanging out in a sleek, professional office building with the sound of Airsoft AEGs and gas blowback guns being fired behind locked doors down the hall.  Just knowing that there was something super secret going on behind those doors really upped the "awesome factor" of the day.   

But enough jibber jabber.
Check out the KWA MK23 USSOCOM GBB Pistol Photos...