Today's post on the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog is centered around the "Bang Bang" rule. This has different names at different fields. Other known associates include, but are not limited to,"Safety Kill" or just saying "Surrender."

I like saying, or rather, yelling "Bang Bang" instead of "surrender" because I don't like giving my enemies a choice. They are dead and all I'm doing is giving them the courtesy of NOT installing a new and painful welt (or worse) on their skin.

Now, one might ask, why the hell would you perform a safety kill like that on someone when you could just shoot them?

Well, when it comes to the MilSim-quality guns out there which operate over and above 350 FPS with a .20g BB...


The safety kill concept is especially useful at Airsoft CQB & MOUT fields where there are structures and areas which lend themselves to close quarter engagements. It's not as necessary with large, outdoor fields like my old hometown field, Hill559, which is one square-mile of raw private land. However, it can still be used in that environment, just not as often.

Anyway, back to being too close. Enter what is known as the "Minimum Engagement Distance" by many. The rules vary from field to field, but generally speaking, there is a minimum distance at which you can shoot at another player. If you get within that distance, lets say 10-25 feet which is fairly typical, you must either transition from your rifle to a field legal pistol or simply yell, "Bang Bang" to get the safety kill.

I know there are a lot of "tough guys" out there who like to play "prison rules," but the reality is that most of us are just out to have a good time. Some fields don't enforce this at all, while others try hard to crack down on dangerous situations like that.

The other thing you can do, if you're really concerned about this is to simply wear full face protection, unlike this guy:

This photo was taken at Lion Claws X: Evolution Real World or whatever it was called. My good friend and Airsoft action photographer, Dave Bakholdin happened to be in the right spot at the right time to snap a shot of this gentleman, who was engaged by someone else with a hot rifle from within the minimum engagement distance. I'm not knocking him for not wearing full face protection. I certainly don't like wearing the lower mask with my goggles, but technically, this could have been prevented by either wearing the full mask and/or the other idiot properly exercising a proper safety kill.

One final note I would add on this is that "it takes two tangos" to make this work. <---- See what I did there? Dumb, I know.

What I mean, is that it takes two players, each a tango to the other, for the "Bang Bang" concept to work. Again, it all comes down to honor & integrity (do you have it in you?). One person has to decide to say, "bang bang" or "surrender" instead of shooting the other in that split second he rolls up on him, while the unsuspecting victim has to accept the safety kill. I've seen plenty of idiots not take the kill and then get pissed when the other guy shoots them so close. Seriously? Don't be that guy. Just head back to respawn, take a deep breath and get back in the fight. If you have no respawns left, perhaps consider brushing up on your tactical skillz.

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