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SC Viper Airsoft MOUT Facility - Chino, CA
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My battle buddy, Dave B from the Airsoft Report, & I, along with few of our friends engaged numerous enemy targets a few months ago during an Airsoft war game held at SC Viper in Chino, California. I was using the KWA M4 CQR MOD2, available at Pyramyd Air.  Dave, on the other hand, combined his love for Russian stuff and Magpul stuff and ran his Beta Project Magpul AK. 

Check out the airsoft action video after the jump...

Today, I'm going to revisit the world of WE Airsoft guns.  I have some particularly newsworthy items, in my opinion.  James Chan of WE, uploaded a video to their YouTube channel announcing the development of their very interesting new split gearbox design for their new line of AEGs.  Additionally, he also showcased a VERY attractive new Raptor rail system design, which reminds me quite a bit of the Remington Bushmaster ACR rail.  I happen to love that design, so naturally, I was pretty excited to see one show up on the radar for Airsoft.  Unless I missed it in the video, nothing shown in the video is available for sale as of the time this blog was written.

I will be honest that I haven't been paying much attention to WE over the past several months because there has been so much other exciting stuff going on in the Airsoft world that I happened to have missed a rather monumental update from them.  So I will admit that this news is not really news anymore, since the video was uploaded back in April of this year.  Apparently, they're in development on a gas blowback (GBB) version of the Magpul AK, which Beta Project produced on the AEG side.  If you're wondering which of all the guns available on the market, I've been most interested in adding to my personal collection, the Magpul AK (AEG or GBB) is right up there at the top.  So check out this quick video as well, to wet your appetites. 

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MadBull Airsoft was kind enough to send me some pre-production samples of their new PBS mock suppressors or barrel extensions, and my my, aren't they breathtaking!   Even for pre-production samples, these things may as well be the final production versions.  The CNC machine work on them is outstanding.  In case you weren't aware, the PBS suppressors were originally designed for use with AK47 or variants thereof (Commie gunz!), but with the Airsoft versions having 14mm negative (Counter-Clockwise) threading, you can put them on whatever compatible guns you want!  But be wise with your choice.  Not all guns were created equal. 
The model on the left is the MadBull PBS-04 AK Mock Suppressor and the model on the right is the MadBull PBS-01 AK Mock Suppressor.  They each feature a combination of smooth and textured finishes and are machined from high quality T-6061 aluminum. 

They are hollow inside and feature MadBull's patented internal design which allows them to meet BATFE's approval.  The samples I was sent were very solid, possessing a pretty good amount of weight, each weighing a bit over 1lb, but the fine folks at MadBull have informed me that the final versions will be much lighter.  As you'll see below, I've already tested them out on my Beta Project Magpul AK and didn't find the weight to be an issue for me (and believe me, I'm far from being hulked out or otherwise in shape).