Today's topic may take you aback for a minute or two.  I'm going to talk about applying freakin' spray paint to tactical nylon gear.  Why?  Simple.  Vanity.  Let's face it.  For the majority of us out there, Airsoft is all about looking good.  Who cares if you call your hits, as long as you look good while cheating, you're totally legit, right?  Wrong, of course, but before I get too far into sarcasm town, let's fall back and address the painted nylon.
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When the idea was first bestowed upon me by a good friend, I was appalled.  PAINT YOUR KIT?1?!  Sacrilege.  But then, once I saw how much better it made the gear look, I started to come around to the idea.  Then, last week, I picked up a new Condor plate carrier for a little last minute stealth mission, but didn't have any matching pouches to go with it.  All I had were an assortment of 5.11 Viking Tactics (VTAC) pouches in OD Green or Coyote Tan, so as you can see below, my kit was looking less than stellar.  So I called up my buddy, Jon, over at Insight Interactive CQB Arena and said, "Time to get your 'Tactical Monet' on and paint my new kit."  You'll also notice I've got one of those super sweet, super fake Crye Precision Air Frame knockoff helmets there, too.  Mine finally arrived the same day I got my new vest, so then I said, "Well, heck.  Gotta have consistency in my overall appearance."  So the brand new helmet and brand new vest each went under the spray can.   
how to paint snakeskin camo on your tactical gear, pyramyd airsoft blog, tom harris media, tominator, insight interactive airsoft cqb,
The story doesn't end here, though.  I figured that if I was going to go through the trouble of this process, I would at least document it for you to check out at home (or likely, work) and perhaps inspire you to do the same to yours.

Check out my tutorial on how to paint snakeskin camo on your tactical gear after the jump...

See how I rhymed that title?

For the longest time now, I've had this Blackhawk SERPA holster lying around not getting any use.  Reason being: I only had a belt paddle for it but don't like having it on my belt.  I prefer running a thigh rig for my sidearm during games.  I recently came upon an opportunity to do a little tradesies with my brother Todd for one of his thigh platforms in exchange for an item or two I had in my possession.  The only problem was that he did not have the screws to mount the holster onto the thigh platform.

At first I thought the screws I had for the belt paddle would work, but they were too short, as it were.  Since I am very impatient and didn't want to have to try & track some official Blackhawk SERPA replacement screws down online, pay what would probably be more money than necessary, plus shipping, then have to wait for the screws to arrive, I just ran down the street to my local hardware store to see if they might have some screws that would work just as well.

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